Siblings – December

The Christmas card photo has become a tradition for us now – getting the girls into costume and posing to recreate a festive scene. This year, they became Little Miss Santa and Rudolph, about to fly through the sky in a cardboard box sleigh. Hubby thought I was quite mad trying to take the photo outside in the garden on a very windy Sunday afternoon and I have to admit that the girls weren’t too impressed at being outside in it either. Sophie in particular kept shouting at me “oh no, windy! Don’t loik the windy!” but they managed to cope for long enough for me to get a few photos that I was happy with. The original backdrop to the photos was our garden fence which wasn’t very interesting so I replaced it with a starry night sky and I have to say, I am very pleased with the final results.

Siblings (December) -Little Hearts, Big Love

Whilst we haven’t yet got our tree up (it will be going up in the next day or so!), the girls are enjoying getting into the Christmas spirit. The book advent calendar has been a big hit and we’re all enjoying sitting together in the afternoon to read the latest storybook together. We’ve also been to a couple of parties, enjoyed time doing Christmas cards and making cards and I’m looking forward to surprising them with a trip to Legoland later today to meet Father Christmas.


Jessica (4 years 3 months)

  • Is going through a very shy phase at the moment and has spent most of the recent Christmas/birthday parties we’ve attended clinging on to my hand and only joining in if Mummy does too.
  • Had a check-up with the community nurse earlier this week which was all fine, apart from her losing a little weight – she’s been a little poorly with coughs and colds lately though which has affected her appetite so I wasn’t too surprised. Hopefully she’ll regain it for her next check-up.
  • Enjoyed the Christmas party at preschool and another visit from Father Christmas.
  • Was very excited about staying at my sister’s house last weekend, asking repeatedly “how many sleeps ‘til Auntie ‘Raynne’s?” in the run-up to it and “How many sleeps ‘til we go to Auntie ‘Raynne’s again?” ever since!
  • Is getting excited about Father Christmas visiting – this is the first year that she has really shown that anticipation for Christmas and it is lovely to see (not to mention a brilliant way of encouraging good behaviour!)

 Siblings (December) -Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie (2 years 1 month)

  • Loves the walk to take Jessica to preschool at the moment because there are lots of muddy puddles.
  • Idolises Jessica’s best friend E and always wants to hold her hand on the walk to and from preschool.
  • Has definitely been letting us know that she is two by throwing the odd tantrum here and there.
  • Loves to climb up on my lap, throw her arms around my neck dramatically and announce “luz you Mummy” – so adorable!
  • Has been getting quite excited about seeing Christmas decorations up when out and about and I’m looking forward to seeing her face when the tree goes up at home.

Siblings (December) -Little Hearts, Big Love

As we come to the end of 2015, I can’t resist looking back at the Siblings photos shared over the past year. It has been wonderful to see the bond between the girls continue to grow and to see how much they enjoy playing together. They have so much love for each other which is just a joy to see. I hope that they will always have that close bond with each other that they do now.

Siblings (December) - looking back over a year of Siblings photosLittle Hearts, Big Love

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15 thoughts on “Siblings – December

  1. I love those! They’ll remember in years to come and tease you – “Remember when Mum made us stand out in the wind for flipping Christmas photos”

  2. So gorgeous – this really makes me hope we can add a number 4 to our family of 3. There’s no relationship quite like that between siblings!

  3. I love the photos, especially the one just above “Sophie (2 years…). So, so cute! I bet they were moaning though, with the session happening outside. Ah the things we inflict on our children as parents. I hope Jessica’s appetite gets better. I’m sure chocolates, mince pies etc. at Christmas time will help. I am reassured Sophie has finally started with the meltdowns. My three girls are all full of meltdown attitude every morning. It wouldn’t be fair if Sophie skipped that phase 🙂

  4. I love this photo !!!

    Did you make the sleigh and everything yourself? And did the add the background as you edited the photo or did you get a starrylight backdrop? Either way, I love it!

    I’m a little late with the comments this month so I hope you had a lovely Christmas xxx

    1. Thanks Gemma – I made the sleigh out of a cardboard box and added the backdrop when I edited the photo – the original backdrop was our garden fence which was a bit boring! We did have a lovely Christmas, thank you, hope you and your family did too x

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