Review – Play-Doh Cannister

Jessica loves crafts and being creative. One of her favourite things to be creative with is Play-Doh, so she was very excited when she received the huge Play-Doh cannister for her birthday a couple of weeks ago and saw all the bits inside ready for her to get creative with.

Playdoh 00

The cannister contains the following:

  • 3 standard-size tubs of Play-Doh
  • 10 small tubs of Play-Doh
  • 4 animal-themed playmats (jungle, zoo, farm and aquatic)
  • 22 animal cutters
  • 3 double-sided moulds
  • 4 rollers
  • 6 attachments for the rollers
  • 4 knives
  • 1 press to make Play-Doh ‘spaghetti’
  • 1 pair scissors

Playdoh 01

Jessica tends to just have one or two colours at a time when she plays with Play-Doh (otherwise we end up with lots of tubs of muddy-coloured Play-Doh) but she was very happy to have so many different colours to choose from. She loves rolling it out and using the cutters and was very happy sitting at the table getting creative. The scissors were a new Play-Doh accessory for her and she enjoyed cutting the Play-Doh with them, all the while informing us that “scissors are sharp!” (not these ones though, I hasten to add!). She loved putting the Play-Doh through the press and making lots of wriggly Play-Doh worms.

Playdoh 02

Daddy also enjoyed getting creative with the Play-Doh and helping Jessica make animal shapes. The playmats were great as they helped Jessica use her imagination, creating little scenes and making up stories with the different animals we were creating.

Playdoh 03

Having a few rollers, cutters and playmats in the cannister is also great for when Jessica has a couple of friends over for a playdate as each child can have a roller and a mat which minimises squabbling.

Playdoh 04

The Play-Doh cannister is available from ASDA and costs £20 which is great value considering how much is contained in it. All the tools and Play-Doh can be packed away inside for storage – keeping everything neat and tidy which is always a plus point!


The Play-Doh cannister was purchased from ASDA as a birthday gift for my daughter. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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21 thoughts on “Review – Play-Doh Cannister

  1. This is an impressive kit for the money! As one of my little ones is allergic to wheat, we make our own play dough (really easy, and you can add glitter, scents etc.), have a look on my blog for the recipe if you fancy trying it with your girlies 🙂

  2. This looks fantastic – what a great price! Georgie loves play doh but we hardly have any, or any accessories, so this would be a brilliant start to her collection – and includes the storage tub too which is so useful. I am definitely putting this on her Christmas list.

    1. Thank you – was so impressed at how much there is in the tub – it is fabulous value. Hope Santa will bring it for Georgie and she enjoys it! 🙂

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