Pre-schools and painting

Jessica will be getting her funding for pre-school from January next year and so we have started to look at the pre-schools near us in preparation for this. We are lucky enough to live within five minutes’ walk of three different pre-schools/nurseries so we are concentrating on these as I am hoping not to have to drive anywhere.


So far we have looked at two of the three options. The first option was a ‘no’ as far as I was concerned. I was put off before I even rang the bell to come in due to the sign next to the bell saying to “pleese” press the bell. Not a very good first impression! However, Jessica did enjoy herself doing some painting. I was very impressed with this painting she did of a fish. It is the first time that I can actually recognise what she has painted. What a lovely little milestone that is!


Jessica's painting of a fish

Our second pre-school visit has been much more promising. Jessica fell over and grazed her knees just before we arrived. The staff were absolutely lovely, noticing her grazed knees instantly. They made sure she was okay and got her cleaned up again, which made for a very good first impression. There were lots of activities, the staff were lovely and friendly and all the children seemed quite happy. I was reassured by them asking lots of questions about Jessica’s heart condition and what kinds of things they would need to be aware of and how they could best support Jessica. Jessica enjoyed playing with all the various toys around, exploring the outdoor area and sitting having a snack with the other children so I think she would be happy there too. It’s currently the favourite option on the list but we’ll see what the other pre-school is like before we make our final decision!


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  1. Grace says – That is an excellent fish and very well painted. A definite future talent! The Mothers were giggling about the nursery sign too!!!

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