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Ahoy there, shipmates! With Jessica havin’ a couple o’ pirate party days at preschool this week, we’ve been a-focusin’ on pirate crafts, makin’ ourselves a fine treasure chest, spyglass an’ treasure map. So avast ye, me hearties, sit ye-selves down, and we’ll tell ye the tale of how we did it…


Pirate crafts - Little Hearts, Big Love - make ye-self a treasure map for yer booty, a spyglass to keep watch for scurvy knaves and a treasure map...



Every good pirate needs a spyglass when they be on the look-out in the crow’s nest an’ this one be easy t’ make with just a couple o’ cardboard toilet roll tubes an’ a plastic or paper cup. One of the toilet roll tubes needs to be a mite smaller than the other – so get those scissors at the ready and cleave it from top t’ bottom. Overlap the edges together an’ make it fast with a bit o’ sticky tape. Ye can then paint the cardboard tubes an’ cup if ye wish, or do as we did, an’ glue some paper on instead.


Spyglass - Pirate crafts - Little Hearts, Big Love

Line the toilet roll tubes an’ cup up in size order and stick together with glue or sticky tape. We used a bit o’ brown spark tape to add some decoration. And thar ye be! A fine lookin’ spyglass ready to keep watch and help ye find some treasure!


Pirate Jessica lookin' fer treasure - Pirate crafts - Little Hearts, Big Love


Treasure map

Lookin’ for the booty, me hearties? Ye need a map an’ this one is easily made usin’ a piece o’ paper, a bit o’ cold tea an’ a black pen. Cover the paper in cold tea an’ leave to dry. Once dry, draw yer map (don’t forget yer big X to mark the spot), scrunch up an’ then smooth back out again.


Treasure map - Pirate crafts - Little Hearts, Big Love


Treasure chest

Ye will need a shoebox, some cardboard, paper or paint to cover, coloured tape to decorate, gold tissue paper an’ foil/sparkly paper to make the gems. ‘Tis best if the lid is attached to the shoebox – if not, ye will need to cut a little notch in the side and stick the lid on so it hinges upwards.


Ye can have a flat lid if ye wish (just skip this here step if that be what ye want) but here be how to make the curved lid – ‘tis tricky, mind, and takes a bit o’ skill. Ye need to cut four half circles of cardboard an’ stick them to the top o’ the shoebox. Then cut another bit o’ cardboard to fit over the top of these, stick it down an’ thar ye be.


Treasure chest - Pirate crafts - Little Hearts, Big Love

Ye can paint the box or cover with some paper an’ then use some coloured tape to decorate – we used brown spark tape on our’n.


Now fer yer booty! Fill the inside of yer treasure chest with gold tissue paper and make jewels by scrunching sparkly paper or foil into shapes. A bit o’ sticky tape might help wi’ this.


Ye can also make treasure out o’ gold paper plate by stickin’ on some bits o’ glitter, shiny buttons, sequins and other sparkly things.


Paper plate treasure - Pirate crafts - Little Hearts, Big Love

Thar’ ye have it, me hearties! Hope ye’ have fun and smooth sailing to ye!


Pirate Jessica with her treasure chest - Pirate crafts - Little Hearts, Big Love

33 thoughts on “Pirate crafts

  1. Those all look fab, my 4 year old loves drawing treasure maps, I will have to try out some of the other crafts too! #kidscorner

  2. This made me smile, we have been doing exactly the same thing outdoors for our activity hour, you will see it on Country Kids very soon! A great way to use a spare few hours with imaginative play #KidsCorner

  3. Love these and what a pretty pirate 🙂
    Pinned to me boards because that be really awesome me hearties x

  4. Awww these looks fab, you are very creative, my hearty! Olivia is going to a pirate party on Sunday, I try these crafts with her. I’m sure she will love it. Thank you for sharing. xx

  5. Jessica makes a sensational pirate. I love her face looking through the spyglass 🙂 These are fabulous ideas. We’ll be trying some ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very cool! My boys would love a spyglass! I might try that this weekend.

  7. Hi Louise, I’m so happy to see that pirates are not an interest of the past with children. Love the telescope and the fact that treasure maps are still aged with cold tea (I remember doing that myself as a youngster). I hope Jessica and her pre-school friends have a brilliant adventure following the map!


    1. Thanks Debbie – it’s been such a fun week with all our pirate crafts and games, so lovely to see Jessica really using her imagination 🙂

  8. These look great! I love how you made the curved lid for the treasure chest, Jessica definitely looks the part with her spyglass too. Will maybe need to use some of these ideas for an upcoming pirate party we’re going to! 🙂 x

    1. Thanks Katy – no, it wasn’t easy but having started it in pirate-speak, it made sense to continue! 🙂

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