Parenting Pep Talk #11 – Worcester Mum

Parenting Pep Talk is a fortnightly series of guest posts all about encouraging other parents by sharing some of our happy moments, the advice that has worked for us and some positive words of encouragement.


Today’s post is from Worcester Mum – a 34 year old mum, who has had a rather turbulent upbringing and life, and classes herself as a ‘survivor’ mum! She’s turned her experiences to good and now works with children with SEN/disability as well as founding and running an inclusive, gentle-ethos support group for over 3000 local mothers in her area, with a focus on supporting mental health and safeguarding mums and families.


1) Tell us a little bit about you and your family.

My family consists of myself, my 2.5 year old daughter, my partner who has just moved in with us, and my daughter’s new brother or sister (I’m 21 weeks pregnant!) our two chickens and our cat. It also includes her father who she sees twice a week.

Parenting Pep Talk #11 - Worcester Mum - Little Hearts, Big Love

2) How would you describe your parenting style?

Probably on the gentle parenting/crunchy mum side of things?! I don’t like to categorise, (we are all just doing our best and are entitled to choose our parenting styles without judgement!) but I do try to be an ethical parent and use cloth nappies, co-sleep, baby wear, long-term breastfeed and so on.

3) What’s your favourite thing about being a parent?

The hugely rewarding experience of nurturing and creating a human, passing on the magic in the world, the little things like seeing them find a worm in the garden, or turn around and say ‘mummy, I love oo’, also, massively, making sure she has the upbringing I never had, that she’s happy, loved and safe.


4) What piece of advice have you been given that you found especially helpful?

Follow your heart! The only right way to do things is what feels right for YOU.


5) What one piece of encouraging advice would you give to a new parent?

You are the parent, you really do know your child best. Sod what everyone else is doing, do what is right for YOU and YOUR family. Seek out a support group who are HONEST and supportive, and talk about how hard it is as well as how rewarding. Everyone is thinking it, once it’s said, everyone feels less alone and more ‘normal’ which is massively important. And don’t be afraid to look after yourself too! Happy parents equal happy kids.


6) Can you share one of your favourite parenting moments?

The funniest ones generally involve accidental poo…in the bath, down her slide, in her play tent, on the rug…the cute ones are things she says! “Look at my nails, aren’t they WONDERFUL?!” to a friend…the way, if she finds a worm in the park we have to search until we find it’s mummy!


7) Anything else that you would like to share to encourage other parents?

It DOES get easier. I promise. And it’s absolutely fine to go into another room, punch a pillow, and mutter FFS! to yourself.

Some awesome inspiring parents to me are:

The poet Hollie Mcnish
Australian blogger Constance Hall
Hurrah for Gin (blog)

Parenting Pep Talk #11 – Worcester Mum - Little Hearts, Big Love

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Thank you Worcester Mum for sharing your positive parenting moments and the advice you have found helpful.


If you’d like to share some of your positive parenting moments on the Parenting Pep Talk, then let me know in the comments below and I’ll email you with more details.


Parenting Pep Talk - a series of posts sharing encouragment, advice and the positive moments of parenting


6 thoughts on “Parenting Pep Talk #11 – Worcester Mum

    1. Thank you Fi – I always enjoy reading all the different approaches to parenting in this series too 🙂

  1. Great advice as always. Love this series and look forward to the next! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x

  2. I love the idea of a series that focuses on positivity! I agree that it DOES get easier – everyone said that to me in the early days and I didn’t believe them, but it has. Yes, there are constantly new challenges, but as time goes on, you feel better equipped to manage them. #coolmumclub

    1. That’s a really good way of describing it – the challenges do change but as you say, you feel better equipped for them after time.

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