Papery Peep – May

I blame The Reading Residence for it. A year ago, I don’t think I even knew what washi tape was and now I am no longer able to walk past Paperchase without seeing what they have in stock. It’s just as well that we don’t have one in our nearest town! My washi tape collection might still be small, but it’s growing steadily and I’ve treated myself to a few more rolls this month that I spotted on Amazon.

Papery Peep (May) - this month's papery purchases - Little Hearts, Big Love

The combination of pretty stationery whilst fundraising for the children’s hospital where Jessica goes for her cardiology appointments was always going to be an irresistible one. Had I remembered to visit the cashpoint earlier in the day, I might have gone a bit mad but the limited funds in my purse meant restraint was needed and so I opted for the pretty butterfly stationery set and yet another jotter for making lists on.

Papery Peep (May) - this month's papery purchases - Little Hearts, Big Love

My final papery purchase of the month was a set of pretty mini notecards from Cath Kidston. I’m hoping to try making some pocket letters over the next month and these are just the right size to fit in the pockets.


It’s been a great month on the reading front for me as I have managed to read three books, although admittedly two of them were old favourites that I was revisiting. My ‘new’ book this month was “What Would Barbra Do” by Emma Brockes which seemed the perfect book for me given my love of musicals – it’s part memoir and part journey through musical theatre history. I enjoyed it but not quite as much as I thought I would, mostly due to not quite agreeing with the author’s viewpoint that all the good musicals were those made pre-1970.

Papery Peep (May) - what I'm reading this month - Little Hearts, Big Love

I really enjoyed revisiting Little Women and Good Wives – two books that I have loved since I was a teenager.

I’m now partway through my fourth book of the month – ‘Confessions of a Mother Inferior’ by Ericka Waller who blogs at Mum in the South and am enjoying it so far.



Since I started blogging, my diary has been quite neglected and I’ve been making an effort to get back to writing this again – it’s such a good way to record those thoughts and offload in a way that I just wouldn’t do on my blog. I’ve been using sticky notes to highlight particular quotes or Bible verses that I have found helpful or inspiring, which will make them easier to find if I’m looking back later on.

Papery Peep (May) - what I'm writing this month - Little Hearts, Big Love

I’m also taking part in this month’s #BringBackPaper post swap challenge and will be sending my happy mail out in the next couple of days.



Jessica and I have been having a lovely time doing some Three Little Pigs themed crafts together – making the pigs and wolf from paper plates and three houses from small cardboard boxes. It’s been so much fun, I think we’ll be doing something similar to go with other stories in the future!

Papery Peep (May) - what I've been creating this month - Little Hearts, Big Love

What papery activities have you been enjoying this month?

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20 thoughts on “Papery Peep – May

  1. Oh, I could do with a few more rolls of Washi tape. Yours look so pretty! Your 3 little pigs and their houses look great. My little ones would love to do that. I have also neglected my diary since I started blogging.

    1. Thanks Mel – they were so easy to make, am sure your little ones would love doing something similar. It’s hard to keep up with blogging and writing a diary isn’t it – I just try and write short entries now in my diary and keep up with it that way!

      1. You’ve inspired me to start writing my diary again. Perhaps I will get myself a smaller diary that I can carry around and write in when I have a minute. Xxx

        1. So glad that I’ve inspired you to start writing it again – the smaller diary sounds like a good idea! x

  2. I do totally accept the blame. And I’m a little bit proud of it, too! I have all of those washi tapes, those look like Phoenix stationery goodies (I have a lot!) and I am loving those Cath Kidston notecards. Looks like a good month for reading, and those three little pigs crafts look fab! Thanks so much for sharing your month in paper with #PaperyPeep x

    1. Lol, you’re allowed to be a little bit proud of it too – you’re helping spread the papery love! They are Phoenix stationery goodies – well spotted. Lovely to link up with #PaperyPeep again 🙂

  3. What on earth is washi tape? Love, love love the three little pigs crafts!

    1. Washi tape is coloured/patterned sticky tape and is great for using with crafts. Glad you liked the Three Little Pigs crafts – we had a great time making them.

  4. I too share the washi tape addiction. I seriously need to get this under control…or get another desk! I especially like how you are using sticky notes to highlight quotes in your devotional library. Really great idea to have easy reference when looking back. Visiting you via #PaperyPeep linkup.

    1. The sticky notes are great for making those quotes jump out when looking back. Washi tape is very addictive isn’t it? 🙂

  5. Great, busy post Louise. Love your Three Little Pigs activity 🙂 And sticking notes in with washi is just a genius idea, one that I will be coping! (with the same washi as I have those ones too!) #paperypeep

    1. Thank you Carol – that washi is very pretty isn’t it? It’s one of my favourites 🙂

  6. Ha ha – glad to see that Jocelyn has happily accepted the blame for this 🙂 I loved those Louisa M Alcott books too – so it was lovely to see them again – looks a good month in paper! #paperypeep

  7. What a lovely crafting activity! They look fantastic.
    I love the little notepad with the bunnies on.
    I’m also doing the post swap challenge and sent my package last week. I have to say mine was mainly chocolate based than stationery based! Lol. Spreading the happiness though through our postal system. x

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