Papery Peep – February

February’s papery challenge for #BringBackPaper over at The Reading Residence was a stationery swap – packaging up some papery goodness and swapping with someone else. I loved my gorgeous bundle from Jocelyn at the Reading Residence and have already been putting some of the items to good use sending out some snail mail.

Papery Peep (February) - Little Hearts, Big Love


With February being heart month, most of my reading this month has been related to congenital heart defects. We have a few children’s books about CHD which Jessica enjoys although at the moment she just enjoys the stories rather than relating them to herself. Hopefully they will help her understand more about her heart condition when she is old enough to start asking questions.

I enjoyed reading Heart Warriors by Amanda Rose Adams – a book about her son Liam who has a similar heart condition to Jessica and their journey as a family. It was a hard book to read at times as it brought back so much of our journey back and I sobbed through quite a lot of it, but I also learned a lot and it has helped encourage me along my own journey as a heart mummy.



Since embarking on the 40acts challenge at the beginning of Lent, I’ve been keeping a journal about each day’s challenge. I also wrote a letter to one of my mum’s friends who was so kind and knitted so many cardigans for my two girls – despite having never met them, she was always so interested in how they were getting on. My mum asked me if I would mind writing to her friend as she was ill and I wrote it from Jessica and Sophie and included one of Jessica’s drawings and some photos of the girls. I was so touched to receive a lovely reply from her a few days later and sadly she died just a couple of days later.



We had a lot of fun over half-term when my sister and her nieces came to stay and did some painting and card-making together. I covered the table in lining paper and the four girls had a lovely time painting on it and using lots of different items to make different shapes and textures.

Papery Peep (February) - Little Hearts, Big Love

I also got to do a bit of card-making myself!

Papery Peep (February) - Little Hearts, Big Love

What papery activities have you been enjoying this month?

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12 thoughts on “Papery Peep – February

  1. What a gorgeous stationery swap bundle! Love the arts and crafts too, that card is lovely xx

  2. So pleased that you liked your swap bundle, it was fun to put it together! That card you made looks fabulous, and I can just imagine the fun the children had on that lining paper 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #PaperyPeep x

  3. Ooh what a lovely bundle you lucky thing! I also love the card making, I haven really got the patience for it myself but I do think they’re lovely.

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