Papery Peep – April

It’s been all about sharing papery loveliness over on Instagram this month as I’ve been joining in with The Reading Residence’s #30daysofpaper photo challenge for the month – sharing a photo of papery products each day in response to the daily theme. It’s also encouraged me to treat myself to a couple more notebooks, some stickers and a pack of pretty sticky notes (not that I needed that much encouragement!)

Papery Peep (April) - Little Hearts, Big Love


I’m keeping up with my challenge to read a book a month and this month’s book was “The Last September” by Elizabeth Bowen which I received as a result of last month’s book swap. Whilst I found it an interesting glimpse into life in Ireland in 1920 during the Troubles, I struggled to really connect with any of the characters. I read it feeling as though I was watching the story unfold through glass instead of becoming swept up in the story. The viewpoint was mostly from a ‘privileged classes’ perspective which is perhaps why I found it difficult to identify with the characters. Overall, I liked it even if I did feel a bit detached from the story at times but it’s not one I can see myself re-reading.

Papery Peep (April) - Little Hearts, Big Love


I’m finding myself using a notebook and pen to draft blog posts and make note of ideas more often these days – there’s just something about writing by hand that helps to free up my thoughts.  This beautiful notebook was one of my favourite purchases this month.

 Papery Peep (April): Little Hearts, Big Love


Jessica and Sophie have both been enjoying some papery crafts this month – doing painting with their cousins, getting crafty on a trip to the Roald Dahl museum and making birds and butterflies out of paper plates at home.

Papery Peep (April) - Little Hearts, Big Love

The Reading Residence

What papery activities have you been enjoying this month?

16 thoughts on “Papery Peep – April

  1. I’m totally with you on putting pen to paper where ideas are concerned. I definitely ‘think’ better on paper. And thanks so much for joining in with #30DaysOfPaper, it’ll be strange when it’s over! Thanks for sharing with #PaperyPeep x

    1. I ‘think’ better on paper too – my brain works differently when I write that way. I have loved joining in with #30DaysofPaper – thank you so much and looking forward to this month’s papery challenge 🙂

  2. Hi there Louise, So lovely to meet you via “Bring Back Paper’ at Reading Res, so many lovely paper peeps there. I’m a bit of a stationery addict truth be known and I really love those journals in your photos; easy to hoard forever they would be. 🙂

  3. You have got some beautiful notebooks there! And I think I need to challenge myself to be more creative with my son we haven’t done crafts for a while as does it at pre-school but I think I need to get better at this!

    1. Thanks Jenni – I loved helping Jessica make the butterfly, it was such a nice simple craft to do 🙂

  4. Well done on keeping up with the #30daysofpaper challenge, I’ve loved seeing what everyone’s posted – and if it’s encouraged some more paper to come your way, then what else should you do?! 🙂 I think sometimes it’s easier to think on paper than it is on the screen, although sometimes I have more trouble than I should deciphering my scribbles #paperypeep

    1. Thanks Stephanie – was nice to feel like it was a good excuse to buy some more stationery! 🙂

  5. I love your new notebook. I know if I had one my girls would steal it for themselves within seconds! #paperypeep

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