Odds Farm Park

Odds Farm Park was one of the places on my list to try and visit before Jessica finished preschool – one of those places that we’d been planning on visiting for ages but somehow never got around to.  Last month, with just a few days of term-time remaining, we finally managed to enjoy a day out there.

Jessica and Sophie standing in front of one of the signs at the entrance to Odds Farm Park with the text "A day out at Odds Farm Park"


We started off at the animal feed barn where Jessica and Sophie enjoyed feeding the goats and sheep with the food we’d bought at the entrance to the park.  Sophie took a little while to get over the “tickles” and not drop her handful of food the instant a goat or sheep went to eat it but before too long both girls were happily feeding the animals.

Jessica and Sophie feeding the sheep and goats in the animal feed barn

Jessica and Sophie watching one of the pigs

We had fun hunting for the baby animals in the maze – managing to find them all except one.  Jessica was not impressed that we missed one out but wasn’t too keen on going back in to try and find the one we missed either!

Finding the baby animals signs in the maze

I had thought that the animals would be the main attraction for our day out but while the girls enjoyed feeding the animals in the barn and seeing the various animals we passed on the tractor ride and our walks around the park, it was soon clear that the various playgrounds and activities dotted around the park were more exciting as far as they were concerned.  The swings were much more appealing than the prospect of watching pigs racing and Sophie enjoyed being quite adventurous climbing up but then got stuck as the slide was too high for her liking and Mummy had to go and rescue her!

Sophie climbing up in the play area

Jessica and Sophie sitting in one of the tractors in the play area

Crazy golf was a big hit with both the girls – even if neither of them quite got the hang of trying to hit the ball into the hole using the golf club.  It was much more fun to run around and roll the ball over the various obstacles at each hole.

Jessica playing crazy golf

The girls also had a wonderful time in the sand and water play area – digging in the sand, splashing around with water, riding on mini diggers while I enjoyed relaxing in a deck chair, watching them both have lots of fun.  I could almost imagine for a moment that we were enjoying a day at the beach – something that is a rare treat for us given we live some distance from the nearest beach but this was a very good substitute!

Sophie playing with a dumper truck in the sandy area

Sophie riding a mini digger in the sandy area

It was a very hot day though and so it was a bit of a relief to go inside for a while and enjoy the soft play area which was much cooler (and quieter!) before going back to the barn to feed the animals again before it was time for us to go home.  We managed to squeeze in some fun in yet another playground before we left the park though!

Sophie and Jessica riding a wooden tractor in one of the play areas at Odds Farm Park

Jessica and Sophie sitting together in a big wooden chair in one of the play areas at Odds Farm Park

Overall, we enjoyed our day out at Odds Farm Park very much.  The play areas were fabulous and by far the girls’ favourite thing.  It wasn’t the cheapest day out though at £13.50 each for the girls and £14.50 for me.  In all honesty, if we were planning a farm visit to see and feed animals, we would go to Langleybury Children’s Farm instead which is much cheaper for a day out at £2 for a child and £3.50 for an adult.  The combination of the animals and the fabulous play areas at Odds Farm Park were brilliant though and it’s well worth a visit if you’re looking for a fun family day out.


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32 thoughts on “Odds Farm Park

  1. Yay, Louise! Your girls looks very happy and glad they had a wonderful time. Farm trips is always a winner and yes, I agree that’s not the cheapest but well worth it. x #countrykids

  2. You chose a nice day to go. Almost looks tropical. It’s funny seeing what grabs their attention and how their abilities change. We have a tradition of crazy golf each year and I love seeing the children improve each time. I can tell you are going to miss the term time visits. #CountryKids

  3. Looks like a great day and your girls always look like they are having so much fun. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer x

  4. The girls look like they’re having an amazing time exploring the different play areas around Odds Farm Park, they’ve definitely put a lot of effort into them. It’s great to see them having some hands on time with the different animals as well, even if that wasn’t their favourite part! You definitely had the weather to really make the most out of your entrance fee, I’m sure the girls will be begging to go back to those play areas again soon.

    Thanks for Sharing with me on #CountryKids.

    1. The play areas were amazing and there is definitely a lot more to do than just see the animals. I’m sure we’ll make a return visit at some point! 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen – we did have gorgeous weather and the girls enjoyed themselves very much 🙂

  5. Lovely photos. N loves those sand diggers too – he could spend hours on them. We’re due a visit to Odds Farm too at some point, but as you say, it is quite pricy. It’s similar to Hatton adventure world near us, which is really good, but they put the price up during holidays, and I begrudge paying such high prices for adults when effectively they’re chaperoning the kids and there’s nothing for them other than a cafe or the animals.

    1. Those sand diggers are so much fun. It is quite pricey though which does put me off. I’m sure we’ll go again at some point but it won’t be somewhere we visit regularly.

    1. The play areas are amazing – they were definitely the girls’ favourite thing about our day out 🙂

  6. Looks like a wonderful day out, your girls look like they were really enjoying their time there! The play areas look brilliant, great weather for it too 🙂 #countrykids

  7. Really interesting to see your views on Odds Farm Park as we’ve been a few times with it being very local to us although Tilly has tended to opt for different activities. Tilly is fairly uninterested in farm animals as she completely refuses to hand feed them but loves the playgrounds and can spend much of the day in the sandpit. She also loves the powered mini-tractors (albeit at £1 a go). We’ve never made it to the maze so we’ll definitely do that next time as the baby animals search sounds fun. #countrykids

    1. I think we’re a bit further away from it than you – it’s about 30 minutes drive so not somewhere I think I would go very often. The playgrounds are really good, glad to hear that Tilly enjoys them too 🙂

  8. Beautiful pictures of a great day out . Jessica and Sophie look like they are in there element here. And you can clearly see they are enjoying themselves! The playgrounds looks amazing too. Xx #CountryKids

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