The Friday Focus 12/08/16 – Fun with cousins

We’ve been staying with my twin sister this week and the girls have been having a wonderful time with their cousins.  I love seeing the bond between our girls – despite the big age gap between my nieces and my girls, they are so close and have so much fun together.  My nieces love to look after their little cousins and I have to admit, I enjoy being able to relax and have a bit of a break while they do so!

Cousins - this week's word of the week

Things I have loved this week:

  • A day out at Hughenden Manor hunting for dragons and watching Jessica having fun rolling down hills.

Jessica on a hunt for dragons at Hughenden Manor

  • A moment of looking at hubby while having a picnic in the sunshine with our girls and seeing the man I first fell in love with. So easy to take each other for granted sometimes and to forget the people we are underneath Mummy and Daddy.

  • Catching Pokémon in the park with my sister while the kids were having fun playing in the playground with their cousins.
  • Going for an early evening walk around the lake and feeding the ducks.

Jessica, and Sophie feeding ducks with their cousins

  • Getting good feedback on my video assignment for my course.
  • My letter to us on the day we became heart parents being published on The Mighty
  • A day at the beach watching the girls having a wonderful time paddling in the sea, digging holes in the sand and demolishing sand castles as quickly as Mummy could build them!

Me and my girls enjoying a day at the beach

  • Jessica’s delight at being able to go down the big flume slide at the swimming pool for the first time – needless to say, she wanted to go down it again and again!
  • Getting to catch up with my sisters and my mum.


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8 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 12/08/16 – Fun with cousins

  1. Sounds like a truly wonderful week. My nephews are now 14 and 20, and they are brilliant with my two. Like you say, it gives me a break and my kids absolutely adore their cousins, it is special to see, isn’t it? Glad it’s been fun, and that you have the Pokemon bug, too – I’m off on a hunt this morning, disguised as a trip to the library, which I happen to know is a Pokestop 😉 Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Lovely photos with cousins! I have lots of cousins and still remain close to most of them. Sadly, T doesn’t have much and worse, her cousins don’t live nearby 🙁 But when they do meet and are together, they have loads of fun! #wotw

  3. It sounds like a lovely week, some of my favourite memories of childhood are the ones I spent with my cousins.

  4. Family time together is just so lovely. I also really like the point about your hubby. It all jus gets so overwhelming as parents; you can forget! Some great achievements lovely and fab pictures as always. I remember the grem on holiday with the slide!! Over and over again!! Xx #wotw

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