Me and you – August

This month’s photo is not the best photo of us – a quick selfie as we haven’t been so good at remembering to take a photo of just the two of us this month. We both look quite tired – it hasn’t been the best month on the sleep front for us – both girls have been more wakeful over the past couple of weeks plus hubby was away for a week working on an event.

Me and You Aug-14

This month, we have been so busy just focusing on being “Mummy and Daddy” that taking time to focus on us as a couple has been very much neglected. Things seem to be starting to settle back down again though and hopefully we’ll have some quality time together over the bank holiday weekend and recharge our batteries.


Joining in with Lucy at dearbeautiful and the Me and You photo project:


dear beautiful

4 thoughts on “Me and you – August

  1. Hope you find some time for yourselves soon. It’s hard going once kids are in the equation but it’s so important to remember to be you and your partner every now and again.

  2. Hope you find time to yourself next month. It can be so hard to do so can’t it and it is only doing this challenge that you realise how quickly time passes and that you haven’t managed to get time together.

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