Making the most of family time at Claremont Landscape Garden

Claremont Landscape Garden has been on my places to visit for a little while now. It was once the home of Princess Charlotte of Wales, the only child of George VI. She lived at Claremont after her marriage to Prince Leopold (later Leopold I of Belgium, and uncle to Queen Victoria). Her death on 6 November 1817 at the age of 21, shortly after giving birth to a stillborn son sparked a succession crisis as she was the only legitimate heir to the throne at the time. The race for her unmarried uncles to marry and produce heirs led to the birth of Queen Victoria. It’s interesting to think that had Princess Charlotte not died, Queen Victoria would never have been born and our Royal Family today would have been very different.


The view over the lake at Claremont Landscape Garden - "Making the most of family time at Claremont Landscape Garden"


Princess Charlotte’s story and the history of Claremont made it an interesting place for me to visit. For the rest of my family though, it was just a beautiful place for an autumn walk. We started off at the children’s play area where the girls had lots of fun climbing up the wooden castle, sliding down the slide and rocking on the swans.


Jessica on one of the rocking black swans in the children's play area


There is a natural play area near the children’s play area but this wasn’t easy to get to with Jessica’s buggy. We decided to take a walk around the lake and grounds instead. Most of the paths on our walk were quite accessible although some areas were a little hilly and were harder work with the buggy!


Jessica and Sophie looking out over the lake at Claremont


A smiley Jessica in her buggy


The girls loved the natural stepping stones near the ha-ha. They also had lots of fun picking up piles of autumn leaves and throwing them in the air. I love how simple things like this can bring a child so much joy.


Hubby holding Jessica's hand to help her walk along the natural stepping stones near the ha-ha at Claremont Landscape Garden


Sophie holding a pile of leaves ready to throw in the air


Sophie and Jessica throwing fallen leaves in the air


Jessica can never resist rolling down a hill when she gets the opportunity! She found a nice one to roll down near the Camellia Terrace.


Jessica rolling down a hill at Claremont Landscape Garden


We enjoyed the views of the lake from the mausoleum site. Princess Charlotte commissioned a gothic tea-house to be built on this site in 1816. She died before it was completed though and it became a mausoleum to her. The mausoleum was demolished in 1922 but the National Trust have built a replica on the site this year to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Princess Charlotte’s death.


Sophie looking out at the lake from the mausoleum site at Claremont Landscape Garden


The walk down from the mausoleum site back to the car park was down quite a steep hill. This wasn’t quite so easy to manage with the buggy. Thankfully Jessica was happy to walk for a bit which made it easier.



Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie at Claremont Landscape Garden


It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon as a family. For hubby and myself, it was quite a bittersweet afternoon. We were both very aware that this was our last opportunity for a family day out before Jessica’s surgery was due to take place on 9th November. Neither of us talked about it until afterwards, but we were both acutely aware of just how precious those family moments were. However, Jessica’s surgery has now been postponed until 21st November. We will now have a little more opportunity to enjoy some family time together as we wait. Having that surgery in the forefront of our minds has certainly made us focus on those little moments together though. We’ll be making sure we make the most of them.


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13 thoughts on “Making the most of family time at Claremont Landscape Garden

  1. Princess Charlotte has such a touching story. It does make you wonder how diffferent world history would have been. Queen Victoria’s children and offspring played a part in so many stories in history.

    Lovely photos of leaf throwing and enjoying the stepping stones. A wonderful way to spend family time. Hope you fiit in more days, to all be together, before Jessica’s surgery. #CountryKids

  2. What a beautiful place to spend the day with the girls, I didn’t know much of the history of Claremont and Princess Charlotte so that’s a fab story. Jessica and Sophie look like they had a wonderful day exploring with you both, family days are always special. I can only imagine the looming date of Jessica’s surgery it’s super important to you all to spend as much time out exploring as a family as possible.

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  3. Such great colours and fabulous landscapes! My boys also love rolling down the hills, in the summer we usually have competitions, at this time the year I encourage them to resist the urge though 😉 Best of luck next couple of weeks in preparation for the surgery, I read your other article as well and loving how you are looking after both girls! It’s easy to imagine how hard and emotional must be for you and your husband…We have friends in a similar position, their daughter had few operations since she was born, all ok now. Will keep you and Jessica in my prayers all goes very well on the 21st! #countrykids X

  4. Every September the Claremont Mansion opens for a heritage day so you can have a guided tour (and free tea and cake!). Evie has lessons every week in the room where Charlotte died and in Victoria’s bedroom (she lived at Claremont for a number of years). It’s a wonderful place to go to school!!!

    1. That’s amazing – what a fascinating place to go to school and I can imagine it makes that little bit of history really come alive. Will have to try and go to the heritage day next year, thanks for letting me know about that x

  5. It looks like a beautiful place, we love visiting places like this where they can just run around and have fun using their imaginations. Sending lots of love to you all for Jessica’s surgery x

    1. Thank you – it is lovely to visit places like this where there is lots of space for the children to run around and have fun 🙂

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