The Lion at the Lido

Jessica was very excited when she spotted a lion on a walk around Ruislip Lido recently. Grown-ups would probably have called it a rough collie but that’s much less exciting. To Jessica, it was a lion, a big lion with a shaggy mane and a nice friendly one at that.   We encountered a few other dogs whilst going for our walk but just the one ‘lion’.

If the lion was friendly though, the big swan that stood in the middle of the path and made a beeline for us as we tried to pass was less so. Maybe it was just trying to say hello, but we didn’t hang around to find out. Big birds make me nervous – too many experiences of being hissed at by geese as a small child, I think.

Country Kids 15-Nov-14 03

Country Kids 15-Nov-14 02

Still, we enjoyed our walk around the Lido. Sophie got to splash in puddles for the first time, although it meant having to wear her sister’s old wellies which were a little on the big side (have yet to find wellies small enough for Sophie) and I suspect having clown feet made it a bit harder to walk. We had a few instances of Sophie face planting and getting a little bruise on her forehead as a result. Other than those little bumps though, she was happy at being able to walk about for a little bit and not being confined to the buggy.

Country Kids 15-Nov-14 05

Country Kids 15-Nov-14 04

And of course no trip out and about is complete without a visit to the playground. Sophie enjoyed exploring whilst Jessica had fun on the roundabout and both girls always love going on the swings. So lovely to see both my girls exploring and having fun and we had a lovely afternoon.

Country Kids 15-Nov-14 07

Country Kids 15-Nov-14 06

Country Kids 15-Nov-14 08

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

34 thoughts on “The Lion at the Lido

    1. Thanks Sara – the girls both had a great time, so glad we got them those rain suits, have been perfect for being able to get out and about x

  1. Great suits. The reason I noticed them is that if you bundle up the kids, put wellies on them, then they have a complete ball outside no matter what the weather. As your two clearly show! And, of course, then puddles have to be conquered and splashed.

    1. Thank you – love those suits, have meant we haven’t felt held back by the weather and the girls love the puddles 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen – those outfits have been great for being able to get out and about in all weathers 🙂

  2. So gorgeous!!
    I love that the dog was a lion…ahhh to have the eyes and imagination of a child again!!!
    Don’t blame you for not liking big birds, they are pretty terrifying!!! X

    1. Thank you – love seeing the world through their eyes. I was trying not to show I was scared of the swan though as don’t want my children to be scared of them without any reason x

    1. I love toddler imaginations too – such a wonderful way to see the world. The suits have been great for getting out and about in all weathers 🙂

  3. The first photo is absolutely wonderful! And I love that their sleeves are too long, they look so comfortable in their suits.

    Nipping over from Country Kids.

    1. Thank you – yes the suits are a little big but it will give us more wear out of them and means they should still fit with lots of winter layers! They have been great for being able to get out and about so much this autumn 🙂

  4. Big birds make me really nervous too, I always think they’re going to come on over and peck at me violently. Spotting a lion sounds much more fun!! 🙂

  5. I swear to god I think I know that dog! My friend lives near the lido and her dad has a dog that looks like a lion he is so big lol!
    It isn’t too far from us and we always say we mean to go but never get round to it!

    1. Lol, wouldn’t it be funny if it was your friend’s dad’s dog? It’s a lovely place for a walk – used to live much closer and go regularly but haven’t been there in a few years – thought it would be nice to take the girls there for a change.

  6. Haha swans are so funny (and scary!) looks like a lovely day – hope her forehead is ok after the falls, but I’m sure it was worth it for the puddle jumping 🙂

    1. Thank you – she was fine, just a few tears and then off in the puddles again. It was a lovely afternoon 🙂

  7. Aww, looks like they had a great day! Wish you had captured a photo of the ‘lion’ too 🙂

    1. We certainly did have a fun time and I love those waterproof suits too – have been so great for getting out and about this autumn. Lovely to link up to #LetKidsBeKids again 🙂

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