Happy birthday Legoland

The girls have been counting down the days until Legoland opened again and so once more, the first day of the season found us back at our “favourite Legoland ever” (as Jessica and Sophie call it).  What I hadn’t realised beforehand was that this year is Legoland’s 20th anniversary year.  We were already excited just to be at the park again, and the celebratory atmosphere that greeted us on arrival made it even better.  There were little flags for the children to wave, cupcakes on arrival and a local youth brass band playing “Happy Birthday” (of course, we had to sing along!).  Jessica, in particular, was very excited about it being Legoland’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Legoland - Little Hearts, Big Love

As usual, we took the Hill Train down into the park and made a beeline for the Kingdom of the Pharaohs for a ride on the Aero Nomad followed by the “spinny cup” on the Desert Chase carousel.

A ride on the spinny cup - Happy Birthday Legoland - Little Hearts, Big Love

One of the things that Jessica was really looking forward to was seeing “the fairies” (otherwise known as Lego Friends) again.  She was quite disappointed when we got to Heartlake City and discovered that only the pirate show was being performed and the Lego Friends show won’t be back for a few weeks yet.


Still, at least there was the Duplo Theatre and the Three Little Pigs puppet show which both the girls love.  Later in the day, we made sure to catch the new Duplo Theatre show – Cinderella – which Jessica and Sophie enjoyed, although I think the Three Little Pigs will remain their favourite.

Cinderella at the Duplo Theatre - Happy Birthday Legoland - Little Hearts, Big Love

There was a new restaurant in Duplo Valley – Farmer Joe’s Chicken Company – and we stopped here to have some fried chicken for lunch.  The girls were quite taken by the giant Duplo farm animals (and the buttons which they could press to make the appropriate animal noise) but the best bit was the Duplo brick pit in the middle which meant they could play with the Duplo whilst having their lunch.  The food was a reasonable quality and about the price I’d expect to pay in a theme park (around £8 for a burger meal) – we’ll probably stick to bringing a picnic for the rest of the year though.

Farmer Joe's Chicken Company restaurant in Duplo Valley - Happy Birthday Legoland - Little Hearts, Big Love

The Duplo Train was the ride of the day as far as the girls were concerned – they wanted to go on it over and over again and Jessica was very keen to be the train driver whenever she could! Sophie is still too little to sit in the front carriage though and drive the train which she was a little disappointed about – once the train started though, she soon cheered up again.

A ride on the Duplo Train - Happy Birthday Legoland - Little Hearts, Big Love

We spent a lot of time in Miniland – watching the trains going round, racing the dragsters at the racetrack and just generally wandering around, looking at all the Lego models.  Although the day had started off foggy, the sun had come out shortly after our arrival, and stayed out for the whole day. The spring flowers were out, the sun was warm and it was just a beautiful day to be outdoors.

Exploring Miniland - Happy Birthday Legoland - Little Hearts, Big Love

Despite spending the whole day at Legoland we didn’t go on many rides.  Jessica’s list of rides that are “scary” seems to be ever-increasing, and with Sophie unable to go on some of the rides that Jessica enjoys due to height restrictions, there are only a handful of rides left on the list.  We took a trip in a balloon at Balloon School but that was the only other ride we went on – the rest of the time, the girls were both content to explore.  I was glad I’d brought the buggy with me – whilst Sophie was happy to walk; Jessica had moments of getting tired and a little breathless.

Exploring the Enchanted Forest - Happy Birthday Legoland - Little Hearts, Big LoveHappy Birthday Legoland - Little Hearts, Big Love

It was good to be back again and the girls both had a lovely day (in spite of the small disappointment over the lack of Lego Friends show).  With Jessica due to start school in September, I’m intending to make the most of the preschool pass once again this year and enjoy days out during term-time while we still can.

Happy Birthday Legoland - Little Hearts, Big Love
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28 thoughts on “Happy birthday Legoland

    1. Oh yes – we’ll definitely be back later in the season to catch that – looking forward to making the most of the preschool pass while we can still use it! 🙂

  1. A lovely day out and I don’t think the girls missed out not going on many rides, mine could never be bothered with the hours of queuing for rides, but that’s our fault for going in August. Sounds like this is a much better season to visit and how exciting to be there for their birthday celebrations. The miniature world was one of my favourite parts along with the outdoor performances. Thank you for sharing your day at Legoland with me on CountryKids.

    1. I have to admit I’m not looking forward to being restricted to school holidays and weekends from September – it is so nice not to have to queue and for the park to be fairly quiet.

  2. We never visited Legoland when we were in the UK, something I regret, and we still haven’t made it to Legoland Boston, which is more of a discovery centre with rides and activities I think, but still gets great reviews… It looks like you had a great day, love all your photos of the girls exploring x

    1. Thanks Sara – we had a brilliant time. Hope you manage to make it to Legoland Boston at some point 🙂

  3. Monkey love its there and would happily spend all day in Miniland. I went the year Legoland opened – hard to believe that’s 20 years ago – eek! It’s a firm family favourite here. looks like the girls had lots of fun too #CountryKids

  4. We keep toying with the idea of whether or not to take Sophie there yet as she is only 17months. It looks like you can still have a great day without going on many of the ride though. The animals in the new restaurant are so cute! #Countrykids

    1. When we went for the beginning of the season last year my Sophie was a similar age and she still enjoyed it. There is a reasonable amount for little ones to do and there are quite a few rides they can go on as long as they can sit unassisted. It’s worth booking the ticket in advance as it’s a lot cheaper than on the gate.

  5. I don’t even know where Lego Land is! Had to google to check. If only Windsor was nearer, would love to go too, especially since the girls seemed to really enjoy it 🙂 x #countrykids.

    1. It is a bit of a trek from Cornwall – you’ll have to have a weekend away or something, am sure Little T would love it 🙂

  6. The pre-school pass is such brilliant value, definitely worth making the most of it before school beckons. Although like you we find that there aren’t actually that many rides that are suitable for little ones, our girls’ favourite is the fairytale boat one (not sure of the real name!) Love the Duplo animals making sounds in the cafe, sounds fun! #CountryKids

    1. We love the preschool pass – it’s such great value. There are quite a lot of rides that the girls are able to go on – Jessica is quite timid though and there are several that she finds “too scary” – sadly fairytale brook is one of those, which is a shame as I love that ride! Sophie only gets to go on it when we are there with friends and can take it in turns to watch children/go on rides.

  7. We love Legoland and you’ve reminded me we need to go again this year :-). Since its on the flight path from heathrow I don’t need rides to go on, I just enjoy watching all the planes taking off because I’m jut a big kid. It’s going to be fun trying the new areas


    1. I know – I can remember it being Windsor Safari Park when I was a kid – it was one of the places I wanted to go to but never got to visit. Think I prefer it being Legoland though! 🙂

  8. If we lived close then I would be so tempted by this, looks like they had a great day and its on our hit list at some point this year but only once the baby arrives I want to be able to go on some of the rides with Monkey too!! #CountryKids xx

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