Fun in the snow: making a colourful igloo

Waking up to find it has snowed overnight is always a fun moment for a child. Waking up to snow and being told school is closed for the day is even better! I have to confess that I’m just as much of a big kid when it comes to the snow. I love getting out and having fun with the children. Last year, Sophie had a lot of fun doing snow painting and building a mini igloo. We decided to combine the two and build a colourful igloo.


Sophie behind the wall of coloured snow bricks - "Fun in the snow: Making a colourful igloo"



We mixed food colouring and water in squeezy bottles ready to use for snow painting. Sophie loved squirting the coloured water on the snow and making patterns with the different colours.


Sophie squirting coloured water on the snow


We used small plastic food tubs to make the snow bricks for our igloo. I wasn’t sure we’d be able to colour enough snow to make all the snow bricks coloured ones. Instead, Sophie used the coloured snow to make her bricks and I used normal snow for mine.


Sophie placing one of the coloured snow bricks


We arranged the bricks in a semi-circle shape with the coloured snow bricks at the front and the plain ones at the back.


A semi-circle of snow bricks three layers high with coloured bricks at the front


Every so often, we would stop building the igloo to go and paint some more snow or to throw some snowballs!


Sophie throwing a snowball


Our snow brick placement was a little haphazard at times. By the time we reached the ninth layer of bricks on our igloo, it was starting to look a little precarious. I suspected that the next layer would be one too many so we decided to stop there. We still had some coloured water left so Sophie used it to paint directly on to the snow bricks in her igloo.


A nine-layer high semi-circle of snowbricks with coloured ones at the front and on top


Sophie squirting coloured water on her igloo


She was very happy with the end result! The colours did fade as the snow started to melt but the wall held up surprisingly well.


Sophie standing in front of her colourful igloo


Sophie behind the wall of coloured snow bricks


We also built a family of three snowmen in the garden. Thomas was quite happy sitting in the Bumbo watching us build the snowmen.


Sophie and Thomas with a family of three snowmen - one large, one medium-sized and one small one


It was lovely to have time together playing in the snow and to be able to make the most of having a snow day.


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10 thoughts on “Fun in the snow: making a colourful igloo

  1. I love this, it wasn’t so dissimilar to our snow day despite the age difference in our children. There is something about snow that brings out the child in us all – me especially! Your snoew painted igloo is a wonderful idea. I’ve wanted to do snow painting since mine were little, but for years we never had any snow, now I thought they had outgrown it, but snow spraying the igloo we built would have been right up their street, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. Next time! #CountryKids

  2. This looks like great fun. I’m not sure we had as much snow here for this project though. Maybe we’ll have to try it next time. #CountryKids

  3. This is such a great idea for getting arty outdoors, it looks like so much fun. We’ve not tried snow painting. Using plastic tubs for brick moulds is clever too I love the photo of the 3 snowmen with Thomas in the Bumbo. Definitely one for the wall. Sophie looks so proud of her achievement too! #CountryKids

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