Fun at Legoland

One of the best things about having an annual pass for Legoland is that it takes the pressure off when we visit. It doesn’t matter if Jessica decides that she “doesn’t like” going on certain rides or if there is a long queue for something – we can always go back another day.

Fun at Legoland - Little Heats, Big Love

Hubby bought me an annual pass for my birthday and Jessica also has a preschool pass which covers her and an accompanying adult during weekdays in term-time. This means that we can invite someone else to come with us for the day as my pass will cover me and Sophie gets in for free as she is under three. I love being able to invite a friend along – it’s nice to have another adult to talk to and if they have a child under three, they get to come along for free and the girls enjoy having company for the day too. My friend T and her 2 year old A have come with us a couple of times so far this season and it is lovely to see the three girls having fun together.

Fun at Legoland - Little Heats, Big LoveFun at Legoland - Little Heats, Big Love

Earlier this week, Jessica’s preschool organised a day out at Legoland and being able to go to her “favourite Legoland ever” with her two best friends was the most exciting thing in the world for Jessica. Sophie also loves H and E too and the four children had a wonderful day together even if Jessica wasn’t quite as adventurous about the rides as her friends were!

Fun at Legoland - Little Heats, Big Love

For me the highlight of the day was watching the four of them at the pirate show together, seeing them dancing and really enjoying themselves. It’s still one of Jessica’ favourite things about going to Legoland although now that we’ve seen the new Heartlake City show, I think there might be a new favourite to take its place! Jessica was absolutely captivated by the “fairies” as she called them and their “beautiful dresses” and Sophie was up and dancing throughout the show too. I love the fact that both girls are developing a love of watching live shows and this something that hubby and I both enjoy and want to be able to share with our children.

Fun at Legoland - Little Heats, Big Love

Miniland is always a firm favourite whenever we have a day out in Legoland – Jessica loves to watch the train and the windmills in the Holland section and Sophie just runs about looking at everything! As Sophie gets to be quicker on her feet, it becomes more of a challenge trying to keep an eye on both of them and so we now always make sure we stop and get a couple of ‘lost child’ wristbands as soon as we arrive, just in case!

Fun at Legoland - Little Heats, Big Love

The Duplo train is still Jessica’s favourite ride – it’s one of the few rides that she is generally quite happy to go on, particularly if she gets to “drive” the train. Sophie is generally quite happy to go on any ride whereas Jessica gets quite nervous about certain rides, particularly the water ones.

Fun at Legoland - Little Heats, Big Love

We’ll be making the most of our passes for the next few weeks as once the summer holidays start, Jessica’s pass will no longer be valid and we’ll have to take a break from Legoland days out until the autumn.

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9 thoughts on “Fun at Legoland

  1. I also love watching my little ones play with their friends. I find it fascinAting to watch relationships develop, observe decisions being taken and fun happening. X

  2. What a fab gift – it really is one of those things that just keeps giving doesn’t it, an annual pass to somewhere you like. And it is really nice you can invite a friend with you as well. I’ve never been to Legoland but maybe I should sometime, it looks really nice and lots of people say it is a great place to visit 🙂 #countrykids

  3. Lego land it’s such good fun . Looks like the girls had a lovely day and how perfect to be able to just pop in and out for a few hours at a time. When we took our children the pirate show and miniature village where the highlights for them too. Taking a friend is ideal for you and the girls. Thank you for sharing on Ccuntry Kids and lovely to meet you today too.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun from your photos. I had no idea that you could get annual passes to theme parks. Not that we have any quite close enough. Loving the fact you can get lost child wrist bands these days – makes so much sense. Lovely to meet you yesterday too!

  5. Lovely! We love it here but as it’s really far from us we can only really go once a year. It sounds great having an annual pass. I can’t wait to see LEGO friends there on our next visit! 🙂 x

  6. That’s a great idea having a preschool pass. they should have more of those in other places. Drives me mad that the adult pays an extortionate amount, when realistically you don’t get to go on anything you want to because you’re stuck chaperoning.

    Looks like the girls love it there, and hope you get in some more days.

    Didn’t manage to see you this weekend at Britmums. Hope you enjoyed it.

  7. Sounds like a great day out, we would love to go – will have to look into it, think we maybe a bit far for a day trip. Great birthday present! Its those family fun moments that money can’t buy which are so precious. 🙂 #CountryKids

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