From the mouths of babes: September 2019

From the mouths of babes is an occasional feature capturing some of the things my children say. It originally started as a weekly linky but as this gradually fizzled out, I stopped recording those little sayings and found I missed it. One of the things that I love about my blog is that it has captured so many little moments that I might otherwise have forgotten about. This little round-up is my way of capturing some more of them.


Sophie with Thomas sitting in a trug - "From the mouths of babes - September 2019"


Sophie says…


I love the random and usually unfunny jokes that kids like to tell. This was one of Sophie’s latest ones:


“Where did the cow get his hair cut? At the moo-baa’s!”


I think she possibly got a bit mixed up with the joke about the sheep getting his hair cut at the “baa-baa’s”.



“Let’s go to Noodles!” (Lidl’s)

“This is Daddy’s wallip.” (wallet)

“Owls are octurnal.” (nocturnal)


Loving moments

“I wish I could zip you up and lock you up in my school bag so I could take you out and cuddle my mummy while I’m at school.”


On matching outfits

“Mummy, everyone will think me and Thomas are twins because we are wearing the same outfit. Except they’ll know we’re not twins because Thomas is wearing a dribble bib and I’m not.”


On growing up

“When I grow up, I will have a different head. When you were a little girl you had a different head to the one you have now.”



Thomas talks…

We are now getting some definite first words from Thomas. He says “mum-mum-mum”, “da-da”, “clap clap” when clapping his hand and “aaaaah-doo!” when pretending to sneeze. The pretend sneezing is my favourite at the moment – he’s just so adorable when doing it.


Memories of Jessica

I wish I could have seen Jessica with Thomas. I know that she would have been so loving and gentle with him. This little video clip of her and Sophie playing with their dollies gives me a little glimpse into what she would have been like with a baby sibling.



Little Hearts, Big Love

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