From the mouths of babes – October 2019

From the mouths of babes is an occasional feature capturing some of the things my children say. It originally started as a weekly linky but as this gradually fizzled out, I stopped recording those little sayings and found I missed it. One of the things that I love about my blog is that it has captured so many little moments that I might otherwise have forgotten about. This little round-up is my way of capturing some more of them.


Sophie on her pink scooter - "From the mouths of babes - October 2019"



Sophie says…

On granting wishes

“Mummy, do you know what I want to be when I grow up? I want to be a pink unicorn and grant everybody’s wishes. I don’t want to be a genie because a genie can only grant three wishes, but a pink unicorn can grant lost… and I could wish Jessica back to hug and love you.”


Loving moments

Sophie: “I’m so glad I have someone like you for my mummy!”

Me: “Thank you sweetheart. Why’s that?”

Sophie: “Because you’re just so wonderful.”


On the tooth fairy

“They will take my tooth and cuddle it and look after it and leave me a coin.”

On the police

“The police arrest the bad guys and the monsters and the dinosaurs and put them in jail.”


On breakfast

“This is like brownie porridge.”

It was Weetabix. Weetabix will henceforth be known in our house as “brownie porridge”



Thomas talks…

Thomas has some very chatty moments. It often sounds like he says “oh dear” when he drops things on the floor. The other day, he picked up Daddy’s phone to me (while Daddy was out of the room) and was making chatty noises before hanging up on me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to make him go and get Daddy. It took three attempts at me phoning, having Thomas ‘chat’ to me and hang up, before I finally managed to get hubby to answer the phone!



Memories of Jessica

Having Thomas chatting to me on the phone made me think of how Jessica used to love chatting on the phone as a toddler. She would often hold a calculator or a wooden puzzle piece to her ear and talk into it like it was a phone. Thomas sounds so much like her at times.



Little Hearts, Big Love

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