From the mouths of babes – June 2019

From the mouths of babes is my monthly post capturing some of the things my children say. It originally started as a weekly linky but as this gradually fizzled out, I stopped recording those little sayings and found I missed it. One of the things that I love about my blog is that it has captured so many little moments that I might otherwise have forgotten about. This little round-up is my way of capturing some more of them.


Sophie sitting on a chair cuddling Thomas - "From the mouths of babes - June 2019"


Sophie says…

On going to Petersfield

“Are we going to see Peter? Then why are we going to Petersfield? Hello? I’m asking a question here!”


On Thomas and babies in general

“I wish we had four other babies to roll around the floor with Thomas. Then you would have to feed five babies food. It would be hard to feed five babies though because you don’t have five boobs.”


Me: [watching Thomas chatting to himself while being very wriggly] “I don’t think Thomas is very sleepy, do you?”

Sophie: “No, Mummy, Thomas is fast awake.”


On identifying birds (or not)

Me: [looking at the birds in the park] “I think they’re jackdaws.”

Sophie: [very seriously, looking at the gate leading into the park] “No, I don’t think it’s a trapped door Mummy.” [lifts handle] “See, I can open it!”



Thomas talks…

Thomas loves chatting away now. Most of his sounds are “ba-ba” or “ga-ga” with the occasional one that sounds like “golly-golly-golly”. He’s mostly resisting my attempts to get him to say “mum-mum-mum” but we’re not getting “da-da” either yet!


He tends to be at his most chatty at either end of the day. He’s a happy little chap when he wakes up and loves babbling away to himself. He has the most gorgeous infectious laugh which I always love to hear. Sophie is very good at making him laugh and it is wonderful to watch them together and hear their laughter.



Memories of Jessica

When Jessica first learned to count, she used to love looking for the aisle number in the supermarket and counting the aisles – with one little quirk:


“Number nine!” she’d call out with glee. “Number ten! Pause! Number twelve.”


To Jessica, the number eleven looked just like the pause symbol on the remote control. It was quite a while before she recognised 11 as a number!



Little Hearts, Big Love

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