Friday Focus 31/08/18 – Coping

I’ve had another week of flying solo but on the whole I’ve been coping well with it. There are definitely times when I feel like I do all the essential chores to the soundtrack of Thomas crying but on the whole, I’ve been getting to grips with juggling it all. The house is slightly less chaotic than last week and we’re all managing to be fed and dressed each day which is always good!


Coping - this week's word of the week


This week has also been about coping with memories that have made the ache of missing Jessica particularly strong this week. The end of summer is always a tough time for me emotionally, but even more so this year. The August bank holiday has always been about family time together and enjoying fun days out. We made so many happy memories with Jessica and Sophie over the last few years, and have been making new ones with Sophie and Thomas this year but there have been many tears shed too and moments when the longing for our biggest girl feels almost unbearable.


We’re also coming up to a particularly tough milestone – Jessica’s 7th birthday – the first one without her. It is also the day that Sophie starts school so will be a very emotional one for us. I will be baking a birthday cake for my big girl and we will take it to GreenAcres after Sophie comes home from school so that we can sit with Jessica and remember her on her birthday.


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Sitting in a stationary car with hubby listening to the overture from Candide which started playing on the radio just as we pulled up. It’s one of our favourite pieces of music so we couldn’t possibly leave the car until it had finished!


  • Surprising Sophie with a trip to see PAW Patrol Live.


PAW Patrol Live


  • Catching up with two of my close friends – one in person, one over the phone – and asking them to be Thomas’s godparents too as they’ve been such wonderful godparents to Jessica and Sophie.


  • Spending time with friends at their summer party and them getting to meet Thomas for the first time.


  • Managing to tick off another 17 sculptures on the Gromit Unleashed 2 trail – just 7 more to find!


Me, Sophie and Thomas with one of the Gromit sculptures


  • Thomas becoming more alert and really looking around at things. Some of his facial expressions make me laugh. I really love the way he is starting to look at me now and the little smiles he is starting to give.


Thomas looking quite unimpressed about something


  • An afternoon at Iver Environment Centre making a flowery hat with Sophie.


The flowery hat that Sophie made


The Reading Residence

18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 31/08/18 – Coping

  1. Well done you, it sounds like you have coped brilliantly this week, sometimes just getting your teeth brushed is a victory with a baby in tow. It sounds like there are some very emotional times coming up with Jessica’s birthday and Sophie starting school, I can’t imagine how hard that will be for you all. I will be thinking of you x

  2. Oh my gosh, Thomas’s face in that photo! That’s going to be one to pull out for his 18th birthday isn’t it? It’s going to be a tough week for you but also one filled with lovely memories, like Sophie’s first day at school. I hope she settles in well and enjoys it 🙂 #WotW

  3. I think fed and dressed is a win, don’t ask for more! I do hope Sophie’s first day goes well, I am sure Jessica will be in so many people’s thoughts that day, too. I adore that expression on Thomas’ face, just adorable x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. That expression of Thomas is priceless! He is such a cutie. I remember how passionate you are with Gromit Unleashed before and its nice that you did it again this year and I saw a lot of your photos in FB & IG and they are all lovely =)


  5. I’m glad you are getting to grips with flying solo….
    Sending massive hugs….Jessica’s birthday is going to be hard especially with Sophie starting school. That is such a lovely idea to take Jessica’s cake to GreenAcers.
    Aww! What a fab surprise for Sophie to see Paw Patrol.

  6. Sounds like you are doing well and I can’t imagine how.tpgih it is for you.but Jessica will always be their on your heart. Good luck to Sophie at school and o am sure she will do her big sister proud X #wotw

  7. Sometimes coping is the best you can do, and if you do it well then it becomes easier. I love your flowers and Thomas’ face is just hilarious. I love how baby boys can look like a grumpy old man, by boy was exactly the same. A cake for Jessica’s birthday sounds like a great idea xx

  8. Aw Thomas is adorable, I love it when they start to get a personality. And sending you love and strength for this week and Jessicas birthday and hope Sophie has a lovely first day at school x

  9. Oh what a difficult time for you with the schools going back and Jessica’s birthday as well. A lovely idea to take her birthday cake to GreenAcres and spend some time thinking about Jessica together. I absolutely adore that photo of Thomas, Libby used to pull some similar faces as a baby and they always made us smile!

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