Friday Focus 31/07/20 – Transitions

It’s been a week of transition in various ways, starting with the caterpillars we’ve been watching grow. Last weekend, we made the transition from the pot into the butterfly net after the caterpillars turned into chrysalides.  The next day, the transition from chrysalides to butterflies began. Last time we had caterpillars, we missed out on seeing the butterflies emerge, but this time we managed to see three of them emerge which was quite amazing.


Transition - this week's word of the week


It was lovely to watch the butterflies for a few days before their final transition – from their net into the outside world. Another thing that was different from the last time we had butterflies. Last time our butterflies flew away within a minute of opening the net; this time they were very leisurely and we had the net out in the garden for several hours before they all flew away. One of them settled on me for a while and then flew on to Sophie’s dress, where she stayed for quite a while. Sophie was quite taken by her new “butterfly friend”.


Sophie with a butterfly on the back of her dress


Last weekend also saw a little transition for Thomas as he turned two. We had a lovely day and enjoyed seeing a few family members who popped over at various times to wish him a happy birthday. He absolutely loved his Numberblocks cakes. Seeing his delight over getting to eat lots of cake really reminded me of Jessica. She was a little cake monster too, whereas Sophie isn’t that bothered about cake.


A very happy Thomas with his birthday cake


We’ve also seen a transition with hubby being back in the office much more at work. It’s been nice having him working from home so much over the last few months. I’m struggling a bit to adjust to the old uncertainty over what time he’ll be home from work, and being on my own again so much with the children, but no doubt we’ll settle into the new routine soon.


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Getting to spend time with my mum when she came to stay for Thomas’s birthday.


  • Sophie having her first outdoor ballet class.


  • Introducing Sophie to chromatography and making pretty patterns with Skittles and water.


Skittles around the edge of a plate with rainbow patterns in the middle of the plate


  • Sophie spotting some cinnabar moth caterpillars.


Cinnabar moth caterpillars on ragwort


  • Making a big Numberblock-2 cake for Thomas.


A Numberblocks 2 birthday cake


  • Watching Thomas enjoying playing with his new toys – and I loved that most of them were wooden toys.


  • Building a den in the woods with Sophie.


Sophie building a den in the woods


  • Thomas wanting to stop for a “nic-nic” while out on a walk.


  • Seeing lots of happy photos of Jessica popping up in my Timehop and remembering some of our fun days out.


A very smiley Jessica on a swing with her Kerry doll


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 31/07/20 – Transitions

  1. It’s so hard to believe Thomas is 2 already. I’m glad he enjoyed his fabulous cakes. It’s lovely that your butterflies stayed around for a while, we will have to do this one year. I love butterflies.

    1. He absolutely loved his cakes – it was so lovely to see how his little face lit up as soon as he saw them. I loved how the butterflies lingered for a while – it was so magical.

  2. How wonderful to see the butterflies emerge and how lovely that they hung around for a little while.
    I’m glad Thomas had a fab birthday. He does look very happy with his cake.
    It must be a big change having your hubby back at work. I know when my fella went back to work after so long off it was really odd. x

    1. It does feel strange not having him in the house during the day. I can imagine it felt odd for you when Stu went back to work too x

  3. I’ve been checking our ragwort daily to spot cinnabar moths. Lucky Sophie. Happy birthday to Thomas. I’m glad he had a good day. May he always enjoy cake and good company! We’re still waiting for our Bristol office to open. They’re talking about October, last time I heard. Hope your new routine settles down soon. #wotw

    1. We always look out for them on ragwort so it was lovely to see so many. Hope you hear soon about the Bristol office. It is strange getting used to new routines – we’ll get there!

  4. Happy Birthday Thomas! looks like he had a lovely day – cake is always good especially when you are two 😀 My hubby is still working from home and there are no plans for him to back yet.. which is good.. but I’d also like my peace and quiet back LOL!!!

    1. Thanks Karen, he had a lovely birthday. Having peace and quiet is nice – I don’t get a lot of that though!

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