Friday Focus 31/05/19 – A few firsts

We’ve had a few firsts this week, starting with one I could have done without: Thomas’s first trip to A&E. Sophie was a little over-enthusiastic with her love when playing with him at the end of Girls’ Brigade and discovered that his arms don’t like to bend right behind his back, resulting in a rather alarming pop. It turned out to be a pulled elbow but as Thomas seemed to have sorted it out himself and was able to move his arm freely, we were just given some advice and headed back home again rather quickly.


Hubby was working on an event so I was very thankful to my friend who came to A&E with us. As you can imagine, we have quite traumatic memories when it comes to going to A&E although the department has moved into a new building since our last trip there which made it a little easier to cope with.


The word 'firsts' - this week's word of the week


The next first was a much nicer one – Sophie’s first sponsored walk. We all took part in a 5km sponsored walk in aid of Halo Children’s Foundation, who help support bereaved children. Sophie enjoyed doing five laps of the park and getting her medal at the end. She did very well and made me proud.


Sophie with hubby and me plus Thomas in the wrap ready for the Halo sponsored walk


We also gave Sophie her first piano lesson this week. She’s using the same piano course that I used to learn to play the piano, and the one that I used for Jessica too. She quite likes using an app on the iPad to help her learn to play too. It’s a fun way of helping her learn but I prefer the old-fashioned way of teaching her.



Sophie’s social calendar is quite a busy one at the moment! She had another friend’s birthday party at the weekend which ended up being the first time for me dropping off a child at a birthday party and not staying. I never did it with Jessica. She always found birthday parties quite overwhelming and wanted me to stay. Sophie is very different from her sister in that respect. She is very self-confident and was quite happy to be with her friends without me there.


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Sophie getting her platinum Reading Raccoon certificate for reading 150 books.


Sophie with her Platinum Reading Raccoon certificate


  • A visit from my mum and twin sister.


  • Watching Sophie have fun on the rides at the Denham Village Fayre.


Sophie in a pink Barbie plane at the funfair


  • Hunting for fairies in the Temple Gardens at Langley Park.


Sophie dressed as a fairy against a backdrop of pink rhododendrons in Langley Park


  • Watching Sophie have fun with her school friends in the park.


  • Listening to Thomas laughing when he and Sophie are playing together.


  • A morning exploring the gardens at Frogmore House.


  • Sophie making flowers for her friends out of petals and pebbles.


A flower that Sophie made using a pebble and petals

11 thoughts on “Friday Focus 31/05/19 – A few firsts

  1. That’s some lovely firsts, especially for Sophie, she’s becoming really independent now and did so well with her reading certificate and sponsored walk.
    I remember when Star was little and I had her propped up on the settee when her dad sat down on her arm and twisted it with a loud pop. We ended up in A&E too, but it healed itself, the little ones are so resilient at that age. Thanks for linking up to #wotw xx

  2. Glad to read that your little guy is alright! Apparently, baby arms do not bend the same way doll arms do! Learning to play the piano is a wonderful skill to teach your daughter. I hope she enjoys the lessons. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. Aww! Poor Thomas! I’m glad he’s OK. It’s a good job little one’s are so flexible. I’m glad you had your friend with you going to the hospital.
    Well done to you all, especially Sophie with the sponsored walk. Good luck with her piano playing. It sounds like she had a fab time at the party. Lovely photos x

  4. Omg I bet that was terrifying, poor Thomas thank goodness he is ok. Well done for the sponsored walk, I so want Joe to have piano lessons he is a natural and seems to just pick music up xx

  5. My eldest did that once. Rolling off a sofa of all things. A&E is never a choice outing. I’m glad it was sorted out quickly. I need to find a new piano teacher for my middle teen. She loves playing too. Well done Sophie for the sponsored walk. That is amazing. Also her next reading certificate. It is quite a jolt when they decide they are happy for you to leave them at a party, for the first time. Did you find any fairies? You didn’t say. #wotw

  6. Well done Sophie on your first 10k! Sounds like a lot of fun. It’s hard seeing them growing, isn’t it? You just want to keep them small, then in the blink of an eye they are all grown up x

  7. Seems the rest of the firsts balanced out the not so nice first one! Kids eh. My children’s social calendar has always been busier than mine 😀 Hope Thomas is okay now.

  8. Glad to hear that your Thomas is ok. It is a nightmare, they do try to help. Learning to play the piano is a wonderful skill to teach your daughter. I hope she enjoys the lessons xx #wotw

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