Friday Focus 31/03/2023 – Challenging

This week has certainly been a challenging one, to put it mildly. I’ve had a fair few triggers from things that have happened this week which have been tough to deal with emotionally, bringing back some difficult memories from five years ago. Sophie had a couple of days of being quite tired and lethargic after school which made me quite anxious as it reminded me a lot of those last weeks of Jessica’s life and although I tried to be rational about it, a lot of my thought process with trying to be rational were very similar to the thoughts that went through my mind five years ago. Thankfully she’s back to her usual self again now. I think it might have been a result of an intense all-day rehearsal at the weekend combined with the clocks changing.


The word 'challenging'


There have been a couple of other unexpected events this week that have also been challenging to deal with. On a professional level, I’ve had some new experiences and challenges to deal with as well. It’s been pretty intense and there have been some pretty big dips on the emotional rollercoaster this week. I’m not sure that’s likely to ease off over the next couple of weeks so I’m just reminding myself to take things moment by moment and try to deal with things one step at a time.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie holding an electric guitar; vegetarian pizza; a bus; forget-me-nots; Sophie listening to Thomas read; Sophie decorating Easter bonnets; Sophie in her new orange tap costume - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 13"


  • Day 83 – I am grateful for getting to see Sophie playing guitar for the first time in her iRock band.


  • Day 84 – I am grateful for a lovely evening catching up with am-dram friends over pizza.


  • Day 85 – I am grateful for being able to get the bus to Sophie’s rehearsal after being temporarily unable to access the car due to a flat battery in my key. All sorted now thankfully!


  • Day 86 – I am grateful for time talking with a friend. It’s a tough time of year for me and feels especially so this year but talking made it feel a little more bearable today.


  • Day 87 – I am grateful for how kind, caring and patient Sophie is with Thomas.


  • Day 88 – I am grateful for Sophie’s creative skills with decorating Easter bonnets.


  • Day 89 – I am grateful that Sophie’s beautiful new tap costume has arrived.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Seeing a beautiful double rainbow.


A double rainbow


  • The beautiful Easter bonnets Sophie made for herself and Thomas.


Two decorated Easter bonnets


  • Going to see some of my am-dram friends performing in Crazy for You.


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9 thoughts on “Friday Focus 31/03/2023 – Challenging

  1. Sending love and hugs. It does sound like a challenging week. Anytime our kids are ill we worry but it must be even worse for you at this time of year. I am glad Sophie is feeling better now.
    Sophie looks quite the rock star with the guitar. Fab photos and the Easter bonnets look brilliant x

    1. Thank you, I do get really anxious when the children are unwell but thankfully they are both fine now.

  2. Sorry it’s been so challenging for you this week. I do love Sophie’s bonnets though, she’s a clever and creative girl and so kind to her brother too. I hope the next couple of weeks are less challenging for you,

  3. The Easter bonnets are so cute, well done to Sophie to create them. She must have a lot of patience as these seem quite elaborate. You should be so proud of her.

  4. I’m glad Sophie is feeling better now, I love the bonnets she made for herself and Thomas. Watch out Nita Strauss Sophie is hot on your heels with that guitar! I hope the challenges can start to ease up a bit.

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