Friday Focus 30/08/19 – Family time

We’ve been enjoying time with family this week, having spent a few days staying with my twin sister. I always try to fit in a few days visit back home during the summer holidays. The girls always loved spending time with their cousins. It is lovely to watch Sophie and Thomas enjoying time with my family, but very bittersweet too. Jessica is very much missed.


Family - this week's word of the week


Hubby arrived back home on Wednesday, having been away in New York working on an event. I’m looking forward to having some family time together over the weekend now that he’s back! I had a very special birthday present waiting for him when he got back – a beautiful family photo of our three children together. I’m very thankful for the magic of photo-editing software. I wish it could have been a real-life photo but being able to have a photo of our children all together is a very precious thing.


A photo of Jessica sitting next to Sophie with Thomas in front of Sophie


Things that have made me smile this week

  • A visit from Godmummy Katy.


Godmummy Katy and Sophie sitting in a tree


  • Watching Sophie perform in her show at the end of a two-day theatre workshop. She loved taking part.


  • A day out at West Wittering beach. It was Thomas’s first trip to the beach, and he loved it. It was lovely to watch him and Sophie splashing together in one of the shallow pools.


Sophie and Thomas sitting in a shallow pool on West Wittering beach


  • Taking Thomas swimming for the first time.


  • My crazy mum and sister making Thomas laugh.



  • Taking a detour on the way home from my sister’s house to have a walk around Waverley Abbey.


Sophie and Thomas (in his buggy) amongst the ruins of Waverley Abbey


  • Getting Sophie’s feet measured and finding out they’re still the same size so I can put off having to buy new school shoes for a bit longer!


  • A day out with a friend at Bocketts Farm Park.


Sophie looking at two alpacas


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5 thoughts on “Friday Focus 30/08/19 – Family time

  1. Your Sophie is really getting the acting bug, isn’t she? The theater workshop sounds right up her alley. I bet she loved it!

  2. Ahh! Great word. Mine is the same. It sounds like you had a lovely time visiting your sister.
    Welcome home to your husband. I hope you have a lovely time together. That photo is beautiful. Such a special thing to have.
    hahaha! That video did make me laugh. x

  3. It sounds like the best kind of family time. Your sister and Mum are good sports. I bet it’s good having your husband back and the photo is a brilliant idea. Glad Thomas and Sophie enjoyed their beach time. What a smile from Thomas. Wishing you a good weekend. #wotw

  4. Louise that photo gave me butterflies, so so beautiful but bittersweet at the same time. I love Thomases face in the video bless him, I hope you have all enjoying family time this week xx

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