The Friday Focus 29/07/2016 – Having fun out and about

This week might not have been quite as hot and sunny last week, but it’s been mostly dry and quite pleasant temperature-wise and we’ve been enjoying spending plenty of time outdoors and making the most of it.  We’re slowly ticking off things on our summer activities list and enjoying getting out and about.  I’ve also managed to spend some time clearing out the weeds in the garden (although I still live in hope of the fence ever getting repaired!) and in the process managed to find the Sophy’s Rose which I’d convinced myself I must have dug up.  It’s still very small but there’s fresh growth on it which gives me hope that perhaps one day we will see some blooms!

A word doodle of the word "Outdoors" - this week's word of the week

Jessica had her cardiac check-up yesterday which was mostly a follow-up visit to talk about the decision to hold off on the next surgery for now (which we are happy about).  Heart-wise, Jessica seems to be doing well but we have been a little concerned over Jessica’s weight as she has not really gained any since last September (and has lost what little she did gain).  We have been reassured that this is quite common in heart children and have been referred to the dietitian with regards to this.  We have always used full-fat milk and added butter and cheese to things as we know Jessica needs the extra calories but we’ll be making even more effort to add those calories in where we can!


Things I have loved this week:

  • Watching the girls take their “babies” out for a walk in the dolls’ prams.

Jessica and Sophie taking their dolls prams out for a walk

  • A night out with some lovely midwife friends enjoying yummy food at Vanilla Black.

The sweet potato and puy lentil dhal starter at Vanilla Black

  • Sitting down with the girls and reading some new stories after a trip to the library.
  • Watching the girls having fun in Grandma and Grandad’s garden whilst we enjoyed a BBQ.

Jessica and Sophie splashing in the paddling pool in Grandma and Grandad's garden

  • Spending an afternoon at Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Jessica and Sophie looking at maps at Chiltern Open Air Museum

  • Doing some beading with the girls and mending Jessica’s Frozen necklace.
  • An afternoon with Grandma at Fun in the Park at Langley Park and bumping into our lovely Tiny Talk teacher Louisa there.

Jessica and Sophie with our Tiny Talk teacher Louisa at Fun in the Park

  • Sophie’s tiger face paint at Fun in the Park – she made quite an adorable little tiger especially with her cute roar.

Sophie with her face painted like a tiger in the park

  • Sharing a poem about the various ways my hubby says “I love you” as part of Verily Victoria Vocalises’ Summer of Love guest post series.


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13 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 29/07/2016 – Having fun out and about

  1. Looks like a great week. Glad it’s been dry and you’ve managed to get outdoors a lot, it’s rained everyday here! Love the photo of the girls in their summer hats, they looks so cute! Have a great weekend #WotW

    1. I think we must have been quite lucky with the weather this week – although it is raining today! Hope you have a lovely weekend too 🙂

  2. Looks lovely! We’ve had a fair bit of rain here, so I’d like a dry one next week. I’m glad the check-up went well. Sophie’s tiger face is just adorable! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Glad you have managed to do lots! Weather been so cloudy here. Hope Jess starts to gain a bit of weight…she looks fine so maybe just grown up as well! Loving the tiger face paint. The gremlin was a butterfly last weekend and cried so the whole lot came off!!! Hehe xx #wotw

  4. It sounds like you have been busy!
    So glad you found the rose…I hope it thrives and grows.
    It sounds like Jessica is doing well….Good luck with putting some weight on her. I know when my eldest was younger we struggled to keep the weight on her….We gave her full fat everything but whatever she ate she just managed to burn off with running about…lol

  5. How lovely to find Sophie’s rose, and she looks great as a tiger! Good news for Jessica too, and I must say she’s looking well on the photos here. Glad to see you’re all having so much fun. #WotW

  6. Getting outdoors and finally being able to enjoy it this summer makes a world of difference. Looks like you really have made the most of being outside!
    I’m glad Jessica’s check up went OK and hope the meeting with the dietitian is nothing more than routine.
    I also saw on Facebook you met with your midwife friends, and you all look the same, glad you had a stellar night

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