Friday Focus 28/06/19 – Performing

Sophie has been enjoying doing lots of performing this week. Last Friday was the dress rehearsal for her Girls’ Brigade display which she’ll be performing in tonight. I’m looking forward to watching her take part although it will be emotional too, knowing that her sister should have been there taking part right beside her.


The word performing with a doodle of Sophie as the dot over the 'i'


On Monday, Sophie had her audition for The Sound of Music. She had to sing one chorus of Do-Re-Mi and do a few lines. I was so proud of her – she sang it with confidence and was word-perfect remembering her lines (in fact she’d corrected me a couple of times for getting the other lines slightly wrong while practicing!). She was so chuffed on Tuesday morning when the first cast list came out with her name next to Gretl, the youngest Von Trapp child. Next week is the adult auditions so I’m hoping I’ll get to be in the show too!


Tuesday morning also saw Sophie performing in her class assembly, looking back over their year in Reception and doing a couple of dances on stage as they look forward to new adventures in Year 1. She had a couple of lines which she said clearly and confidently and was in her element dancing away with her friends.


We’re also midway through rehearsals for her ballet show which she’ll be performing in next month. She’s in one number with the rest of her class and the finales at the end of each act. That will be another emotional show for me as Jessica was in the last ballet show that Sophie did. She wasn’t quite as natural a performer as Sophie is, but she always enjoyed performing and always finished with a couple of bows. I loved those little bows – they always made me smile. She would have been proud of her little sister this week too.


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Thomas receiving a certificate at Tiny Talk for being able to do 5 signs.


Thomas with his five signs certificate from Tiny Talk


  • Sophie’s delight at getting to throw wet sponges at her teacher on the “Splat the Teacher” stall at the school fayre. He’s such a fabulous teacher and Sophie has really enjoyed being in his class this year.


  • The beautiful flowers that my friend sent me as a well done for getting through what was a tough week. So kind and thoughtful. I shared them with Jessica when I visited her forever bed this week.


Beautiful pink and white roses, carnations and freesias


  • Watching Sophie doing yoga outdoors in the Halo garden at this month’s group and watching Thomas pulling himself up on his feet for the first time. He’s also learned how to crawl forwards this week so is really starting to be on the move now!


Thomas standing up in an empty paddling pool


  • Watching Sophie have fun on the free fairground rides that were in town last weekend.


  • The beautiful bracelet that Sophie made at Halo to remember her big sister. It has a “J” bead for Jessica and heart beads. Jessica loved doing beading and making necklaces and bracelets for her friends. She would have adored this bracelet.


The bracelet that Sophie made at Halo with heart beads and a "J" letter bead


  • Sophie’s delight at getting absolutely drenched in the splash park.


Sophie hat the splash park


  • Meeting up with a friend for ice-cream and a walk around Langley Park after school.


  • Snuggling on the sofa with a sleepy Thomas.


  • Making a nature fairy wand with Sophie. She and Jessica used to love making these together. I loved making them again although it did make me feel sad too to only be making one wand.


Sophie with her fairy nature wand


  • After-school trips to the park and watching Sophie having fun with her friends.


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 28/06/19 – Performing

  1. Well done Sophie, what a little star! I have my fingers crossed that you get a part. Well done to Thomas too, what a clever boy. I love how much fun you always pack into the week, there’s always lots to make you smile. Sophie’s bracelet for Jessica is lovely x

  2. You really have a little star there, she’s doing so much and doing it well too, her sister would certainly be very proud of her. Thomas is getting so big now, it’s always trouble when they start moving around. I love the flowers, the wand and the gorgeous bracelet, such pretty things this week. I hope your heart is lifted a little xx
    Thanks for linking up to #WotW

  3. Congratulations to Sophie for winning the part of Gretl! Good luck to you. I hope you get a part. Being in a play with your daughter would be a wonderful experience for the 2 of you. My mom used to direct community plays when I was a girl. I can remember being in the cast of several of them – always so much fun!

  4. Go, Sophie! Well done for getting the part. Good luck next week when you go for your audition, Louise. So many performances. Thomas doesn’t sound like he wants to be left out. Lovely new certificate and also getting to his feet. I love the fairy wand. So creative. I’m sure Jessica would be proud of her little sister. Maybe even enjoyed throwing her own wet sponge. Some good moment to smile this week. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

  5. Aw well done Sophie thats incredible news, she will be the perfect Greta, I so hope you get a part to Louise and well done Thomas he will be unstoppable before you know it! That bracelet is so pretty, I bet it gave Sophie so much joy to make it and I am sure Jessica loved the flowers x

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