Friday Focus 28/05/21 – Sociable

We’ve been quite sociable this week. It’s been good to catch up with friends and family members. Sophie has particularly enjoyed spending time with her cousins. I’ve been very grateful for family this week and the love that holds us all together, especially at times like this.


The word 'sociable' in yellow


It’s the little things, like being able to go out with a friend for coffee, or being able to hug close family members, that I’ve missed most. We’re still being cautious but it is so nice to be able to enjoy some of those things again.


Grandma giving Thomas a cuddle


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


A dandelion clock; Germany's entry for Eurovision on the TV; Sophie riding a vintage tricycle; Thomas at soft play; Thomas playing with magnetic letters on the fridge; Thomas asleep on the sofa; Sophie with her cousins - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 21"


  • Day 141 – I am grateful for “wishing flowers” as Sophie calls dandelion clocks.


  • Day 142 – I am grateful to Eurovision for making me cry with laughter and reminding me that today might have been stressful but at least I’m not dressed as a middle finger.


  • Day 143 – I am grateful that Sophie had so much fun riding a vintage tricycle at the museum.


  • Day 144 – I am grateful for catching up with a friend over coffee for the first time in over a year while watching Thomas having fun in the soft play.


  • Day 145 – I am grateful for fridge magnets – for all the memories that they remind me of and the joy all of my children have had from playing with them.


  • Day 146 – I am grateful for a productive day helped by a well-timed nap.


  • Day 147 – I am grateful for cousins.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Thomas’s joy when the bubbles came out at Tiny Talk.


  • The way that Sophie and Thomas love to give each other lots of cuddles at bedtime.


  • Going for a preschool visit with Thomas. He enjoyed being able to run around their garden and it was lovely to see they still have the garden area that was created in memory of Jessica.


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26 thoughts on “Friday Focus 28/05/21 – Sociable

  1. I have loved spending time with you this week – with more to come today. Seeing people “properly” make a so much difference

  2. How lovely to be sociable. It is very exciting to see people after all of the lockdowns.
    Aww! Wishing flowers, what a lovely name for dandelion clocks.
    Eurovision was brilliant, I laughed so much at it. x

    1. It made me laugh too. I love ‘wishing flowers’ – that’s a name that’s definitely going to stick.

  3. How lovely to meet up with people again. I’m looking forward to seeing my family again. Wishing flowers is such a lovely name for dandelions. I hope all her wishes come true. Has Thomas really reached the age of pre-school? How exciting for him. I hope he carries on enjoying the garden. #wotw

    1. He’ll be three in July. I can’t quite believe that he’s big enough now to be preparing for preschool!

  4. The easing of restrictions is definitely helping us to be more human again. Hugs and cuddles galore! Glad the whole family is enjoying these very special and precious times.

  5. We’ve still not socialised yet, I need to try and organise seeing a friend this week while I’m off work. Nice to get those memories at preschool. Loving that vintage trike.

    1. I’m so glad you were able to hug your uncle on his birthday. It is so good to be able to hug again.

  6. We watched Eurovision together as a family and it was a lovely bit of light relief even if it was a late night! It has been lovely visiting my parents in their house again and this week we’ve had my niece and nephew to stay #project365

    1. It was a very late night for us but we did enjoy it (although Sophie was quite indignant about our lack of points!) I’m so glad you’ve been able to visit your parents and have your niece and nephew to stay.

  7. It is so nice to be able to get out and do the simple things again isn’t it? Eurovision also made me laugh too! We love fridge magnets here too, sounds like a wonderful week. I hope you have had a great half term as well.

  8. Must admit the middle finger did make me chuckle when I caught up with it later on in the week!

    I am a fan of fridge magnets too!

    1. Fridge magnets are great. My children love playing with ours and there are a few which have special significance.

    1. It has been lovely to be more sociable. I was so glad to see Jessica’s garden was still there.

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