The Friday Focus – 26/12/14

Well, there can really only be one word to sum up this week and that is:
The Friday Focus - 26/11/14 - Little Hearts, Big LoveWe’ve had a lovely Christmas Day at home with hubby’s parents. This year’s Christmas dinner was relatively stress-free (thanks to buying all the trimmings pre-prepared – just had to put them in the oven which made life much easier!) and the girls have had a lovely time opening all their presents and spending time with Grandma and Grandad. We had to put the presents inside Sophie’s travel cot to stop the girls from trying to open them all before Grandma and Grandad came over as our family tradition is to open the stockings and maybe one or two presents before church and then the rest wait until after Christmas lunch when we are all together as a family. Jessica and Sophie were quite good about having to wait once they had a couple of new toys to play with!

The Friday Focus - 26/11/14 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The Friday Focus - 26/11/14 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Out and About:

The weekend before Christmas is usually spent visiting family and we enjoyed catching up with two of my brothers and one of my sisters as well as catching up with some university friends for their Christmas party.

The Friday Focus - 26/11/14 - Little Hearts, Big Love

We had two carol services at church which the girls both enjoyed although had a bit of a panicky moment when Sophie investigated the holly wreath and appeared to put something in her mouth – we weren’t sure if she did ingest a holly berry or not but thankfully there were no ill effects.

Funky Giraffe bibs 03On Christmas Eve we enjoyed a morning of Christmas crafts at our local children’s centre on Christmas Eve and Jessica had fun making a snowman out of polystyrene balls. We also went outside to see Father Christmas fly overhead (otherwise known as the International Space Station) whilst we scattered reindeer food in the garden.


Fun at home:

Jessica enjoyed sitting with Mummy on Christmas Eve and making a gingerbread house together while Sophie had a nap – I put the house together and then Jessica did most of the decorating with a little help. It doesn’t quite look like the picture on the box but we had a lot of fun doing it which was the most important thing! We also made some biscuits for Father Christmas which unfortunately were in the oven a little too long so weren’t the best although Father Christmas still ate one!

Friday Focus 26-12-14 03

Friday Focus 26-12-14 04

Time for me:

I managed to have a whole afternoon to sit and enjoy reading a book for the first time in ages whilst hubby cooked dinner and entertained the girls. I was also very chuffed when the Tots 100 rankings came out this week to discover that I had jumped 628 places and am currently ranked at #325!


My happiest moment:

Seeing just how excited my little girls were by all the presents on Christmas morning.


Next week I would like to:

Enjoy spending time with my hubby and my girls, visit family and progress some of the house projects that have been half-finished for a while!
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14 thoughts on “The Friday Focus – 26/12/14

  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful Louise, so glad you’ve had a lovely Christmas. Love the photos of the girls, especially the one of Sophie in her tartan dress. And well done on the Tots score, that’s fabulous 🙂

    1. Oh thank you Merlinda, what a lovely thing to say. It has been lovely to read your blog too and hope you had a good Christmas 🙂

  2. Sounds like a fabulous Christmas, and your girls are so good to wait to open their presents, too. Nice that you managed to see so much family around the holiday, too. Always wonderful to get some time in for reading and a huge well done on the Tots score, too, that’s quite a jump! Thanks so much for taking the time to share and link up with #WotW. Hope you have a lovely New Year, too x

    1. Thanks Jocelyn – has been lovely to link up to #WotW each week, thank you for hosting. Hope you have a wonderful new year as well x

    1. Thank you – think it will get harder to hold back on the presents each year though! Hope you had a lovely Christmas 🙂

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