The Friday Focus – 26/02/16

It’s been quite a mixed week on the whole. Hubby has been away for half of it, and my big sister has come to stay for the other half of the week. We’ve had fun moments, subdued moments with Sophie still being a little under the weather during the first half of the week, exhausting moments, with the girls not sleeping brilliantly and happy moments catching up with family. The end of the week has left me feeling fairly anxious – the community nurse came out yesterday to recheck Jessica’s sats and they’re still down around 73-74. It might just be down to the fact that she has a bit of a cough at the moment, but it might also be a sign that she’s getting to the stage of needing her next surgery. On the plus side, she seems well in herself and has plenty of energy. The plan for now is for me to check them a couple of times over the weekend and the nurse will call me again on Monday to see how things are. Fingers crossed they pick up again.

 "Mixed" - this week's word of the week - The Friday Focus 26/02/16 - Little Hearts, Big Love


Things I have loved this week:

  • Going out for a meal to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday.

Me and my big girl - The Friday Focus 26/02/16 - Little Hearts, Big Love

  • Going out for lunch with a group of friends and watching the children having lots of fun together.
  • Watching the girls having fun with the princess carriage book one of my sisters bought for them.

Playing in the princess carriage - The Friday Focus 26/02/16 - Little Hearts, Big Love

  • An afternoon getting creative together with the Play-Doh.
  • Having fun playing with Jessica’s hair and managing to do a fishtail plait.

Fishtail plait - The Friday Focus 26/02/16 - Little Hearts, Big Love

  • Spending an afternoon with my family and meeting my twin sister’s lovely new man.
  • Snuggles with my beautiful girlies and watching them holding hands with each other in their sleep.

My girls holding hands in their sleep - The Friday Focus 26/02/16 - Little Hearts, Big Love

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11 thoughts on “The Friday Focus – 26/02/16

  1. I did love that sleep photo when I saw it earlier this week, it is gorgeous. And well done on the plait – I can never do one in Boo’s hair! I hope Jessica improves over the weekend and you can relax again x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Oh dear….It must be worrying about Jessica…I hope she’s OK! Sending big hugs!
    Lovely photos! That plait is just gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend x

  3. Awww the photo of the two of them holding hands in their sleep is just heartmelting! I hope that Jessica’s levels are ok over the weekend and it’s just down to the cough. It sounds like you have had a lovely week with birthdays and how awesome does that book look!

  4. That sleep piccy is gorgeous! Aw I Hope Jess’ stats are just a blip and the surgery is a little way off. I bet you have been glad to have your big sister around for the support and company. I think I’ll book you to do my hair too please 🙂 Have a lovely weekend x #wotw

  5. That photo of the girls asleep together melts my heart!

    I hope Jessica’s sats pick up over the weekend and Sophie feels 100% soon too. We’ve been in bug central here over the past 2 days. It’s bad enough for us, but I can imagine how stressful it must be for you, making things a lot less smooth for your big heart-girl.

    You’ve done a brilliant job with that fishtail plait. Her hair is so long!

  6. Hi Louise, fingers crossed that it is Jessica’s cough causing her stats to be down and nothing more major, but it’s bound to leave you feeling anxious.

    On the whole your week sounds like it’s been fun, with friends and family. My daughter does her own hair in a fishtail plait, I think they look really nice, but would have no idea where to start. I just tell mine if she has wonky bits!

    Hope Jessica’s stats are better over the weekend.


  7. It sounds like there’s been lots of lovely highs during the week. My hope is that Jessica gets better soon and her stats improve. #wotw

  8. The photo of you and Jessica is just so beautiful, it made me a bit weepy in fact…don’t ask my why because I couldn’t tell you but it looks like you have a beautiful bond with your special girl.
    I saw your post of FB and I hope Jessica’s stats get better and it is just the remnants of a cold giving false readings. I can’t imagine the anxiety which must come with a common cold in your house.

    I didn’t realise Jessica’s hair was so long; I can’t do Fishtail plaits to save my life!
    Have a good week xx

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