Friday Focus 25/11/16 – A little bit of company

Being at home all day with Sophie means we spend a lot of time on our own – just the two of us.  We get out and about, go for walks in nearby parks but it’s still just us two. As much as I love being with my children, I do feel a little lonely sometimes.  This week though, I’ve enjoyed plenty of adult company while still spending time with my children.  Two of my sisters have come to stay (not at the same time); I’ve enjoyed time catching up with a university friend and a lovely day out with my in-laws at the RHS Wisley Christmas craft fayre.  With hubby having another busy week and working long hours, the adult company has been even more appreciated.

"Company" - this week's word of the week


I was also extra-thankful for the company last night.  My food shopping was delivered after the children had gone to bed and as I went to put it away, I realised that my fridge was somewhat on the warm side. Thankfully my in-laws live down the road and had some fridge space so could take the things I didn’t need immediately. Hubby was away so had my sister not been staying with me, I wouldn’t have been able to dash out with the groceries.  I’m hoping the fridge can be repaired – on the plus side though, the freezer is working fine, and the fridge wasn’t too full so there wasn’t too much that needed throwing away.


Things I have loved this week:

  • Spending time with my sisters.
  • Being an elf and helping out at Santa’s grotto at the school Christmas fayre.

Being an elf at the school Christmas fayre

  • Watching Jessica singing some Christmas songs with her class at the Christmas fayre.
  • The pretty new jumpers and skirts that my mum sent for the girls.
  • Watching the girls sitting together and watching a video on the iPad.

Jessica and Sophie watching a video together

  • Getting to explore a little bit of the gardens at RHS Wisley while my in-laws browsed the stalls at the craft fayre.
  • Treating myself to some new clothes and winter boots.

My new black winter boots

  • Watching the girls having fun decorating cardboard cut-out dollies.


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9 thoughts on “Friday Focus 25/11/16 – A little bit of company

  1. It was so lovely spending time with you and the Girls, my warm smiley welcome from Sophie and Jessica so pleased to have auntie Maxine to give hugs and kiss them all weekend. And then the flood of tears as auntie Maxine had to leave on Sunday. But knowing that auntie Loraynne would be having fun whilst visiting this weekend. Love you all millions xxxxxx

  2. What a lovely week. I can remember missing adult company after days alone with the children when they were younger. Lovely that you had lots of company this week. It looks like a fun week too, apart from the fridge incident. #wotw

  3. Ahh! Adult company is needed sometimes…I have my weekly meet up on a Friday with friends for coffee and I love it.
    Eek! I hope your fridge is fixed soon. It sounds like a lovely week apart from that…

  4. Oh, adult company is so-called for at times, I know that feeling! Glad you’ve had a lovely week catching up with friends and family and I hope you manage to get your fridge sorted x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. Ooh I love your winter boots, always great to have some with lots of warm lining! You make a great elf as well! I’m glad your family and friends came to the rescue and you’ve had a good week.

  6. ooh love the boots they look so warm, and sounds like a nightmare, I hate it when things break down. Wow the Christmas fair was early I cant quite get over how early of am I so behind this year x

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