Friday Focus 25/11/2022 – Solo

I’ve been flying solo this week as my husband is away working on an event. It’s been a week of feeling somewhat overstretched and trying to juggle too many balls (as is often the case at this time of year) but they’ve mostly stayed in the air so far. Sophie is also feeling much better this week and on the whole, it’s been an okay week.


The word 'solo' next to a drawing of a biplane. The last 'o' of solo is formed from the propeller of the biplane



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas playing Mathletics on the iPad; Sophie dancing in fake snow in town; Sophie drinking hot chocolate in Costa; Thomas with a black labrador; my notes from an HR meeting; a rainbow in a cloudy sky; Sophie with her hair wrapped in a turban towel - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 47"


  • Day 322 – I am grateful for Mathletics.


  • Day 323 – I am grateful for the excitement of being able to dance in the “snow”


  • Day 324 – I am grateful for hot chocolate.


  • Day 325 – I am grateful for furry friends.


  • Day 326 – I am grateful for after-school club making a busy day of in-person meetings more manageable!


  • Day 327 – I am glad that the rain stopped just before the school run and left a beautiful rainbow in its place.


  • Day 328 – I am grateful for hair wrap towels. So much better than using a normal towel especially with long hair.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Having a wander around the Christmas market in town.


Sophie and Thomas standing in front of a snowman at the Christmas market


  • Sophie and Thomas taking advantage of the extra room in my bed with Daddy being away and coming in for snuggles.


  • Beautiful video memories of Jessica coming up on my social media.


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13 thoughts on “Friday Focus 25/11/2022 – Solo

  1. I loved that video of Jessica. Your visit to the Christmas market looks lovely. I really must make an effort to visit our Christmas market this year.

    1. Thank you, there’s been some really lovely videos popping up on my memories at the moment. It’s just a little Christmas market in town but it’s nice to look around.

    1. Thanks Kim. I’m used to him going away and we tend to settle quite quickly into our own routines which helps.

  2. I used to love it when the kids were small and they’d snuggle up in bed with me, now it’s just the cat who takes up way too much space. We went to the Christmas Market in Birmingham and off to the Worcester one with my mum this weekend.

  3. My husband has had a night away this week and it does add to the pressure, can’t imagine doing a whole week at the moment. I am definitely juggling too many plates. Love the dancing in the snow pictures

  4. Well done you juggling it all whilst your hubbie was away. Lovely phones of happiness dancing in the “snow” and the enjoyment of a hot chocolate. I should get some hair wrap towels for me, they sound like a good idea. What a sweet picture from the Christmas market.

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