Friday Focus 23/11/18 – Looking back at memories

I love looking back at memories on Timehop although it is very bittersweet too. I’m thankful that I captured so many little moments of life with Jessica and Sophie and that there are so many photos and video clips to look back on. Being able to see her little face and hear that sweet voice again is lovely even though it does make my heart ache. Oh how I wish I could step into those photos and videos and relive those moments once more.


Memories - this week's word of the week


This week’s memories have been especially poignant ones. This time last year, we took a lot of photos and video clips because Jessica was going into hospital for her Fontan procedure. I can vividly remember how Jessica gave Sophie a big hug as Sophie was leaving with Nanny. She told Sophie to be brave and to have a lovely sleepover with Nanny and to tell her all about it after her operation. Jessica was so excited about her own “sleepover” at the hospital and the operation held no fear for her. She was just concerned that her little sister would be okay.


After Sophie left, I remember sitting in the bathroom and crying my eyes out because I was so afraid that we might never be all together again. As it turned out, we were reunited the next day because Jessica’s operation was cancelled as the surgeon was ill and PICU was full.


Sophie has been talking a lot about Jessica over the last few days, much more than usual. It is lovely to hear her talk about Jessica, but hard too when she looks so sad and tells me how much she misses her big sister. I wish so much that I could make it better for her. Thomas is good at giving her big smiles though.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Sophie getting a WOW of the week for “being a lovely friend and always smiling all day.”


Sophie with her WOW of the week certificate


  • Arranging the flowers for church.


  • Watching Sophie ride a pony for the first time.


Sophie riding a pony


  • Big smiles from Thomas – he seems right on the edge of laughing but just can’t get the sound out yet.


  • Dancing around the kitchen with Thomas in the sling, trying to lull him to sleep.


Me with Thomas in the stretchy wrap


  • Showing Sophie how to sew using prepunched craft kits.


  • Magic painting with Sophie.


  • Getting outside for walks with Thomas.


Thomas wrapped up warm in his buggy



The finished angel with two plaits



14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 23/11/18 – Looking back at memories

  1. What beautiful memories x I love your Jessica angel what a sweet idea. I love Sophie’s big smile, I’m so glad she got a WoW. And Thomas is just adorable, I hope he’s being good for you and that you are getting plenty of rest. xx
    Thanks for joining in with #Wotw

    1. Thank you Anne. There have been lots of beautiful memories to look back on. I was so proud of Sophie this week and Thomas is such a good baby x

  2. I keep seeing your memories on Facebook and they always make me smile. It must be so hard but so nice at the same time. Sending big hugs.
    It is so good that Sophie talks about Jessica so much. She looks so happy on the pony. #WotW

  3. Aw Louise my heart goes out to you all, I have loved seeing all of your Jessica updates this week, I am so glad you have all those lovely clips and the Jessica Angel is beautiful. Well done Sophie for getting wow of the week its lovely she shows such kindness to others. I bet Thomas will be laughing before you know it, there is nothing as beautiful as the sound of babies laughing is there x

    1. Thank you Sarah. Those memories are so beautiful even if they do make my heart ache too. I’m looking forward to hearing that first laugh from Thomas x

  4. Such a beautiful angel. I can imagine the Timehop is bittersweet. Lovely memories all the same. I wonder what has prompted Sophie to be talking about Jessica more recently. Good for her getting such a positive certificate. I bet she is still talking about the pony ride. I used to love carrying my babies around in the sling. Hope you’ve recorded Thomas’s first attempts at laughing. He’ll love to hear it when he is older. Hope you have a good week. #wotw

    1. Thank you Cheryl. It is lovely to see those memories pop up, but yes very bittersweet too. I have been doing lots of video clips of Thomas to look back on 🙂

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