The Friday Focus 21/10/16

After the stress of the run–up to the HR workshop last Saturday, it was a relief to get it over with and to get positive feedback. It might not have gone quite as well as I would have liked but on the plus side, that gives me more to reflect about in the final assignment. There was another moment of relief in the middle of the week when I was called into school because Jessica was unwell – having gone a bit blue and jittery.  Thankfully we got to see the GP within minutes of coming home from school.  The GP thought that it was due to Jessica having a cold and then running around at school which had caused a momentary drop in her sats.  She’s been fine for the rest of the week and while I was reassured by how well the school coped, it was one of those moments that made me realise that our normal isn’t really all that normal sometimes!

Relief - this week's word of the week

Finally, it’s a relief to know that next week is half-term and I’m looking forward to a whole week of having both my girls at home!


Things I have loved this week:

  • Time to myself sitting on the train getting to read a book and have a hot cup of coffee!
  • Jessica being able to write her name by herself.

Jessica writing her name

  • Time to sit down and do some drawing.

My drawing of Kerry, the Lamaze fairy doll, and Monkey, the Cabbage Patch doll - two of my girls' favourite toys

  • Trying out a BilinguaSing toddler French class with Sophie.
  • A lovely autumn walk watching Sophie jumping and throwing leaves and both of us trying to catch them as they fell from the trees.

Sophie sitting in a tree

  • Warm snuggly jumpers.
  • Doing some autumn leaf crafts.
  • Going out for a meal to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday.

Jessica, hubby, Sophie and Grandad out for a meal on Grandad's birthday
The Reading Residence

8 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 21/10/16

  1. So pleased your workshop went well and as you say, the bits that didn’t go as well do give you content for your assignment. Glad that Jessica was fine, and it must be reassuring knowing that the school are vigilant with her. Yay to the relief of half term arriving, I am with you! Enjoy it x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. I am pleased about the workshop went well. You drawers,are so cute. It so sweet my son has started to write his full name now. Defiantely loving warm jumpers and autumn walks too X #wotw

  3. Jessicas writing is so good. I love the circle/heart above the “i”. My middle one used to insist on writing her name completely backwards. Glad Jessica is OK. If nothing else, it was a good run through for the school. Like the idea of toddler french. Wish we had had one near us when ours were little. #wotw

  4. Such a relief that your workshop went ok, and that Jessica is fine too. It must be a worry for you how the school would cope, so I’m glad they were so good with her. #WotW

  5. Relief is certainly the right word for you this week, so pleased to hear that Jessica is okay and her writing is lovely and neat. It looks like your Autumn walk was lots of fun and yay for peaceful reading and coffee time ! #WotW

  6. It sounds like your school really were great at helping Jessica and doing the right thing; it must be a relief for you to know how they reacted and hopefully you’re reassured should anything happen again…fingers crossed it doesn’t. So glad she’s ok.
    Well done getting to your HR workshop, juggling the children, life and flying solo at times is a huge achievement, and like you say you now what what you have to work towards for next time.
    Jessica’s writing is neat isn’t it?!
    Have a lovely half term – like you it’s great to have both children together for the week

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