Friday Focus 20/09/19 – Milestone moments

We’ve had a couple of little milestone moments this week. Thomas took his first unaided steps while waiting for Sophie to go into Girls’ Brigade last Friday. He was very pleased with himself for being able to walk a couple of steps. Since then he’s gradually become a little more confident. Those little steps across the floor are still quite wobbly but he’s managing a few now before falling over. It won’t be long before he’s properly walking about!


The word 'milestone' with a doodle of Thomas walking above the 'o' and 'n'



Thomas’s cot is now set up in his and Sophie’s room. Last week he was managing to sleep in it for a couple of hours at the start of the night before waking and coming back to our bed for a feed. This week we’ve had a couple of nights where he’s pretty much slept through the night in his own cot! Another little milestone moment.


He’s also signing a couple more words now. ‘Milk’ was the first thing he learned to sign and is the one he uses most, but he can now sign ‘please’ when he wants to feed too and ‘food’ at mealtimes. Clever boy.


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Watching Sophie handing out flyers for The Sound of Music and having fun on the rides at Pinner Village Show.


Sophie standing in front of the WOS Productions stand holding a Sound of Music flyer


  • Finishing off our hunt for the lion sculptures on the Lions of Windsor trail.


Thomas and Sophie with 'Roary' - a purple lion covered in glittery handprints - one of the lions on the Lions of Windsor trail


  • Making Sophie’s birthday card to send to Cbeebies. Fingers crossed it gets shown on TV!


  • Watching Thomas having fun in the park.


Thomas on the swing at the park


  • Taking Sophie to a trial session for a local dance, drama and singing class. She loved it and is looking forward to going back next week.


  • Going fruit picking after school and making plum muffins.


  • An unexpected catch-up with one of my friends from my midwifery days who was in the area and popped in for a cuppa.


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6 thoughts on “Friday Focus 20/09/19 – Milestone moments

  1. Well done Thomas. Those first steps are such a big milestone and well done for nearly sleeping through. I hope the kids are enjoying the new bedroom.
    Aww! Sophie looks adorable handing out the flyers.
    Good luck. I hope Sophie’s card gets on the TV.
    It sounds like a lovely week x

  2. I love those early steps. So, so precious. Making life easier for you, if he’s sleeping the night in his cot. Hope Sophie carries on enjoying the new class. It sounds like something she would enjoy after her Sound of Music experience. I’ve never tried plum muffins. Hope they were good. #wotw

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