Friday Focus 19/11/21 – Organised

I’m feeling quite organised this week. I’ve managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done, started wrapping things and have managed to keep mostly on top of the to-do list. Having more sleep at the start of the week has helped, with Thomas having a few nights of staying in his own bed. He’s gone back to climbing in with us in the early hours again though so I’m back to my usual somewhat-sleep-deprived state again. Still, it was good while it lasted and hopefully we’ll get a repeat performance at some point!


The word 'organised' in red with a doodle of wrapped Christmas presents above the 'rg' and a doodle of my computer desk with a computer and box files above the 'se'


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas eating an ice lolly; Sophie twirling around wearing a black dress with a rainbow coloured skirt; Sophie (holding a picture of Jessica) and Thomas standing in front of the peace memorial on Remembrance Sunday; Thomas playing with his Numberblocks Mathlink cubes; Thomas asleep in his bed; my laptop with a Lego figure in front of the webcam; Thomas eating a gingerbread man - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 46"


  • Day 316 – I am grateful for having ice lollies in the freezer.


  • Day 317 – I am grateful for twirly dresses.


  • Day 318 – I am grateful for being able to attend the Remembrance Sunday service at the peace memorial this morning.


  • Day 319 – I am grateful that Thomas has slept all night in his own bed for the past three nights and has come into ours at a reasonable time in the morning for snuggles before getting-up time. I’ve had much better sleep without a wriggly small person next to me and appreciate the morning snuggles much more as a result!


  • Day 320 – I am grateful that my average amount of sleep has improved over the last few days and so have my patience levels!


  • Day 321 – I am grateful for a little inspiration for making a Zoom meeting a little more fun.


  • Day 322 – I am grateful for gingerbread men.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Thomas dancing with the pompoms at TinyTalk.


Thomas dancing with red and yellow pompoms at TinyTalk


  • Sophie coming home from school with five Children in Need wristbands because I’d given her enough money for a Pudsey Bear teddy but they were sold out so she bought the wristbands instead. Not quite sure why she needed five but it’s for a good cause!


  • A video of Jessica chatting about the different Lego figures in her Lego game popping up in my Facebook memories. So lovely to hear her voice again.



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22 thoughts on “Friday Focus 19/11/21 – Organised

  1. Oh wow! You are organised. I’ve got most of the presents but haven’t started on the wrapping yet. I am glad you have managed to get a little extra sleep.
    Thomas looks so happy with his ice lolly and what a pretty twirly dress Sophie has. x

  2. Isn’t it great when you feel organized. It’s also great when little wrigglers start sleeping in their own bed. It took my Little Man a long time to get used to it but we still get morning snuggles at the weekend.

    1. It is lovely when he sleeps in his own bed although he’s reverted back to coming into ours again now!

  3. Yay to getting all the Christmas gifts done. I’m all done and wrapped apart from N’s because I need to order it nearer Christmas. It’s too big to hide, so not sure where it’ll go to stay hidden. N came home with 6 poppies, one for each of us I’d sent money in for. He didn’t see aynything else he wanted, but then the teacher handed out spares. We had N creeping into bed with me late at night from 2.5yrs to 3 years across most of that summer. It did pass, and lluckily I never woke up when he crept in.

    1. Oh that was lovely that he got poppies for each of you. Thomas is back to climbing in with us every night again at the moment. It was nice to have some uninterrupted nights for a few nights though.

    1. I’m not usually quite this organised but it is nice to feel on top of the Christmas preparations for once!

  4. Oh I remember those first few days of getting to sleep through the night again after a few nights (years!) of interrupted sleep. Hopefully you’ll get some repeat of that soon. I have a lot of my Christmas shopping done too and most of it wrapped already. I love getting things crossed off my to do list.

  5. Well done Thomas with the sleeping and I love Sophie’s rainbow skirt. I’ve just got my presents to wrap and deliver as well as getting the decorations out and sorted through. How lovely for the facebook memory with Jessica

  6. Its good to get organised!

    I love that twirly dress! So pretty.

    Nice you managed to get some decent sleep! I think I am a long way off that at the moment.

  7. The twirly dress is fab! Would have loved one when I was little. So pleased you are getting more sleep, life is always so much better with enough shuteye! I need to get more organised, I feel its getting quite close now and I am not quite as prepared as I should be. Gingerbread men are awesome!

  8. Zach is the only one of us with any presents yet! I have the added problem of my dad’s and Chris’ birthdays on 14th December, eeekkk! I love a twirly skirt and so me and Anya have a couple each. #project365

  9. I love Sophie’s rainbow dress so pretty. I know what you mean about a wriggly person, we have one of those too! He always appears…He does look very cute with the pom poms though.

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