Friday Focus 17/07/20 – Firsts

We enjoyed a couple of ‘firsts’ this week with venturing out and about. Last weekend, we enjoyed a family day out at Chiltern Open Air Museum – our first family day out in more than five months. It felt so good to pack a picnic and spend an afternoon out of the house in one of our favourite places.


The word 'firsts' in blue


We’ve not ventured out all that much since restrictions have eased – I get quite anxious over people not making an effort to socially distance and have been reluctant to go anywhere where it might be busy, Thankfully there is plenty of space at the open air museum to make social distancing easy and most other families we encountered were considerate with regards to this.


Hubby, Thomas and Sophie sitting on a bench in front of a tree at Chiltern Open Air Museum


This week we’ve also ventured out to the park where the children were very happy to be able to use the playground for the first time since lockdown. It was fairly quiet when we visited which made it easier too.


Sophie and Thomas sitting on a rocking animal at the park


The other first this week wasn’t so nice – experiencing my first panic attack in the early hours of Saturday morning. I had some chest pain (which turned out to be muscular and probably due to holding Thomas awkwardly during his earlier feed on the left side) but I think the combination of that coming at the same time of night and on the same day of the week as the night Jessica died was what then triggered the palpitations and light-headedness. It was quite scary and for a while I genuinely thought history was about to repeat itself. The paramedics who came out were very lovely and reassuring and thankfully the ECG they did was normal, and everything else calmed back down soon after their arrival. I felt quite wobbly for the rest of that day, but took things easy and by Sunday was feeling much better again.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Playing board games with Sophie.


Sophie playing Giraffes in Scarves


  • Having a virtual parade service at church and seeing so many members of our Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade joining in.



  • Watching our caterpillars growing each day.


Thomas looking at our pot of caterpillars


  • Chatting with Sophie about some of her memories of Jessica.


  • Sophie writing that her favourite thing about home learning was “learning with my mummy and my daddy.”


Sophie's home learning activity sheet with "My favourite home learning memory... is learnign with my mummy and my daddy."


  • Popping over to school at home time and being able to say thank you and goodbye to Sophie’s reception teacher and headteacher at the school gate as they are both leaving the school.


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12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 17/07/20 – Firsts

  1. Two very different firsts there x I remember the first time I had a nocturnal panic attack, they really are terrifying. I’m glad it was nothing worse though. Because I get them regularly I’ve had loads of tests and now I know that my heart and vessels are perfectly healthy. So, now I rely on learned breathing techniques to get me through and they last less longer. Fingers crossed that yours was a one off x

    1. I’m sorry that you get nocturnal panic attacks. It was scary enough as a one-off. Glad that the breathing exercises help though.

  2. Lovely to be out and about again. Adds a bit of normality to the day. I can imagine most people were happy to keep their distance, with so much space. I’m sorry you had such a horrible ordeal. That must have been frightening. Thank goodness the paramedics were able to check you out. We did caterpillars one year, when mine were very small. Makes me want to do it again, seeing your photo. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

    1. It is lovely to venture out again. Watching the caterpillars transform has been fun – all our butterflies have now emerged and we’ll be releasing them in the next couple of days.

  3. How lovely to be able to get out and about. It sounds like you had a lovely day at Chiltern Open Air Museum.
    My two went to the park for the first time this week and they loved it. I think the break away from me helped too. lol
    I hope you are feeling better now. What a scary time you had with your chest pain x

  4. I feel the exact same fear about going out Louise so I’m really happy that you had an enjoyable experience! I might pull my big girl pants on and make some plans for next weekend. There is bound to be somewhere similar that we can go with lots of space. I’m sorry to hear about the panic attack, I can imagine it was really scary to go through. At least you have the reassurance that it was nothing serious medically, that’s a big positive! #wotw

    1. Thanks Emma. We’re still very much restricting our days out to places where I know there will be plenty of space and not too busy. #WotW

  5. Hope you are feeling better now, that must have been frightening. We haven’t been far, might venture out during the six weeks (or not!) depends how busy places are.

    1. Thanks Karen, we’re not venturing out that much – only to places where I know there’ll be plenty of room and it won’t be too busy.

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