Friday Focus 15/12/2023 – Festive

The Christmas decorations are up, cards have been sent, present wrapping is underway and we’re in festive mode this week with various Christmas activities taking place. We’ve had Christmas parties at school and at after-school activities and trips to the theatre for both Sophie and Thomas (Sophie going to the panto with her dance school and Thomas having a festive theatre trip at school) and Thomas is counting down the days until the Christmas holidays begin. I’ve also updated my blog header so my blog is looking festive too!


The word 'festive' in red, with holly leaves around the dot over the i


It’s been another busy week, and there have been up and down moments, as there always are this time of year, but I’m going with the flow. Enjoying the moments of getting caught up in Sophie and Thomas’s excitement, taking time and space to remember Jessica, and finding moments of calm in amongst the craziness of the festive season.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie taking part in the Santa dash; our Christmas tree; Sophie wearing a Christmas dress; an AI-generated image of Jessica at 12; Sophie wearing a Christmas dress at her BYT party; Thomas's solar-system themed duvet cover; Sophie looking at a house covered in Christmas lights - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 50"


  • Day 342 – I am grateful for watching Sophie taking part in a Santa dash at school this morning.


  • Day 343 – I am grateful that the Christmas decorations are up.


  • Day 344 – I am grateful that Sophie was only a few minutes late for her dance school trip to the panto as I’d forgotten all about it until her dance teacher phoned me to see if she was coming! Oops! Definitely been juggling too many balls today.


  • Day 345 – I am grateful for AI photo software giving me a glimpse of what Jessica might have looked like at 12.


  • Day 346 – I am grateful that Sophie has enjoyed her first term with BYT and had fun at the Christmas party this evening.


  • Day 347 – I am grateful that Thomas likes his new solar system bedding.


  • Day 348 – I am grateful for seeing Christmas lights on the way home from dancing.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie decorating a mini Christmas cake at Girls’ Brigade.


Sophie holding a cake box with a Christmas cake inside


  • Having lunch with Santa.


An excited Thomas jumping up and down at getting to see Santa


  • Doing a scratch nativity at church.


  • Christmas dress-up week at dance lessons.


Thomas dressed as an elf next to a black labrador


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6 thoughts on “Friday Focus 15/12/2023 – Festive

  1. Love that action Santa Dash photo. And love how excited Thomas looks at meeting Father Christmas. Hope this week’s run up goes well with everything else going on.

  2. Ohh! You really are in festive mode! What fun! Your blog header is so cute.
    Oops to nearly missing the dance trip to the panto. What a great teacher. I saw the AI photo of Jessica on FB and it really is amazing what technology can do. Thomas looks so excited seeing Santa. x

  3. Your week does sound festive. I do hope that you all stay well and in good spirits to enjoy the season. Cheers to a really good one to you and yours.

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