Friday Focus 15/09/2023 – Tidying

With Sophie and Thomas back at school, I’ve been focusing on tidying this week – sorting out all the clutter that built up over the summer holidays and chipping away at the clutter that’s been around for much longer. The house is looking so much better for it and I definitely feel calmer sitting and working in a tidy house!


The word 'tidying' in shades of pink with a doodle of a basket of children's toys above the "ing"


The big focus over the coming weeks is on sorting out all the bedrooms so that Thomas can have his own room. There’s still quite a lot of sorting out and decluttering left to do, but things are progressing and we’ve set aside a couple of weekends later in the autumn to sort out the furniture and finish everything off. It feels good to have a date set to make the move – having a deadline will help keep me focused on getting things done.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas standing against a brick wall, wearing a royal blue polo shirt and grey shorts; me, Sophie and Thomas standing in front of a dark red 1938 stock tube train; Sophie washing the car; Sophie and Thomas with their cousins; yellow and orange flowers in a vase; Thomas playing in a wooden play house at the park; a red sofa in a living room - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 37"


  • Day 251 – I am grateful that Thomas enjoyed going to Boys’ Brigade for the first time. He was so excited about joining and had been counting down the days all week!


  • Day 252 – I am grateful for a trip on a vintage tube train.


  • Day 253 – I am grateful for a clean car.


  • Day 254 – I am grateful for a lovely afternoon seeing Sophie and Thomas enjoying time with their cousins who were visiting from Luxembourg.


  • Day 255 – I am grateful for pretty flowers.


  • Day 256 – I am grateful for a reassuring and helpful after-school chat with Thomas’s teacher updating me on the strategies they are using to help support his learning.


  • Day 257 – I am grateful for time to declutter and sort out things around the house.




Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie’s pretty crown braid to help keep her cooler at school during the hot weather.


Sophie's hair in a crown braid


  • Going out for a family breakfast.


  • Looking at the 1988 adverts on the vintage tube train.


Adverts on a vintage tube train advertising courses to "learn to touch-type in only 12 hours", and an advert to "Stop sending telexes. Start processing them."


  • Finding an interesting geocache.


Sophie holding a geocache which is a small red model "James" from "Thomas the Tank Engine"


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14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 15/09/2023 – Tidying

  1. We are currently doing that too. Having three young people return from college and work away means we have 4 lots of everything for a house! Thankfully one moves out today which means we are seeing a little light at the end of the messy tunnel. Good luck with it and I love that soon Thomas will have his own space.

  2. It sounds like a really productive week. It is easier to tidy when the kids are out of the house. Good luck with Thomas’s bedroom.
    Lovely photos! That vintage tube train looks interesting and it sounds like the after-school chat went well. x

  3. How cool going on an old tube train. Glad to hear the school are communicating the strategies. Must be useful to know. Well done on the tidying. I need to do quite a bit of decluttering.

  4. I need an after-summer holiday tidy. I have the October half-term off to do that. We still have stuff to sort out after the move too. I’m glad the school are being positive with Thomas. I hope it helps him. Love that hairstyle #WotW

    1. It’s made such a difference with the school being supportive. Thomas is much more settled this term.

  5. I think you have inspired me to tidy next week! I always feel better when the house is tidy too. I have bought some new cleaning products so I think its the perfect time to try them out. The crown braid looks fab, did you do that? I wish I was better at doing hairstyles. That is a cool geocache!

    1. It is nice to have a tidy house. Yes, I did the crown braid – doing dance festivals means I get a lot of practice in with doing Sophie’s hair in various styles!

  6. Ooh that’s a different geocache! Love Sophie’s hair, wish I was good at styling. Ah, to have a tidy house… I envisaged a lot more tidying when I quit my job but my time is taken up with other stuff! #project365

    1. I find other things take up time too but I’m needing to be more organised in the house at the moment with trying to sort out Thomas’s room.

    1. Good luck with sorting out the attic. Yes, I did Sophie’s hair – I quite enjoyed doing something a little different for her.

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