Friday Focus 15/01/21 – Milestone

We’ve had a milestone moment with Thomas this week as he’s moved from a cot into a toddler bed. We hadn’t intended to convert the cot to a bed just yet but then Thomas worked out how to climb out and that was that. Getting him to settle down and go to sleep in his new bed has been a challenge at times as getting out and trying to escape into the hallway has become a fun bedtime game (for Thomas at least!)


The word 'milestone' with a cartoon of Thomas standing in front of his cot


Once he’s asleep though, he’s been fine. He normally wakes at least once during the night anyway, wanting a cuddle and some mummy milk and ends up in our bed for the rest of the night. At least now he can make his own way there rather than crying and waiting for Mummy to come and get him!


We’ve also had another little milestone this week too with him dropping his afternoon nap. I’ve tried a few times to settle him down for a sleep in the afternoon without success and he’s no longer falling asleep in his dinner if he doesn’t have a nap, so it seems to be the right time for him to drop it.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas sitting on his toddler bed; a tin of iced gingerbread biscuits; Sophie playing a penguin tower balancing game; Sophie doing her school work; Sophie watching Tiny Talk on the TV; Thomas doing PAW Patrol jigsaws at the table; the bed guard on my bed - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 2"


  • Day 8 – I am grateful for hubby converting Thomas’s cot into a toddler bed. Didn’t plan on last night being his last in the cot but then I got woken in the night by him standing next to my bed after he’d managed to climb out (something the girls never did). Fingers crossed he will sleep well tonight in his big boy bed.


  • Day 9 – I am grateful for a lovely surprise tin of gingerbread biscuits that came in the post today.


  • Day 10 – I am grateful for family time playing games together.


  • Day 11 – I am grateful that today felt more organised with juggling home-schooling for Sophie, keeping Thomas entertained and me getting things done. We’re gradually settling into our new routines.


  • Day 12 – I am grateful that Sophie enjoyed being able to join in with Thomas’s Tiny Talk class.


  • Day 13 – I am grateful that jigsaws help keep Thomas entertained while Sophie is doing her school work.


  • Day 14 – I am grateful for bed guards. This one has been on our bed since Thomas was a baby to stop him falling out when we were co-sleeping. These days it usually stops me falling out of bed when he and Sophie both join us in the night!


Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Spotting the first snowdrops appearing locally on one of our walks.


  • Being able to add Jessica into a couple of recent photos of Sophie and Thomas thanks to Photoshop.


Sophie and Thomas out for a walk with Jessica behind them


  • Sophie being creative and making a carnival train with the Duplo train base complete with a variety of different floats.



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30 thoughts on “Friday Focus 15/01/21 – Milestone

  1. Wow! Sophie that carnival train with disco lights was amazing, as was your excitement and beautiful smile.
    Done to Thomas on his transferring to a cot bed. Love the photos with Jessica in Louise miss seeing you all. Hopefully when we come through this we can all get together. Love you all millions look forward to further blogs xxxxx ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Maxine. Love you millions and miss you too. Look forward to when we can finally get together again xxxx

  2. Another Wow from me, I love Sophie’s Carnival train…amazing! And her smile too, she has every right to be proud. What a milestone with Thomas moving to a bed from a cot. I guess he’s not a baby anymore. xx

    1. He’s certainly growing up quickly. Sophie was so proud of herself. I love her creativity.

  3. Eek! Thomas climbing out of his cot is a sure sign that he is ready for a toddler bed. It sounds like he’s been having fun at bedtime. hehehe
    Those biscuits look like a lovely treat.
    I am glad you are finding a new routine. It has been tough, we’re not quite there yet.
    Those photos with Jessica added are just adorable. x

    1. Thanks Kim. We’re getting there with the routine – some days are easier than others though!

  4. Cot to toddler bed is a big deal. We had to drop the sides, soon on, for our two younger ones. Less dangerous that way. I’m glad the home schooling went well for you this week. I love Sophie’s train. It looks like she had a lot of fun with it. Lovely to hear her voice too. I’ve been looking out for snowdrops, but haven’t spotted any yet. Still too cold for us, I suspect. #wotw

    1. Definitely less dangerous to drop the sides once they start climbing out. Sophie had so much fun doing her train. It was lovely to see her being so creative 🙂

    1. Thomas appearing was a bit of a surprise! Sophie was so pleased with her train 🙂

  5. Loving Sophie’s carnival train. I remember N doing the same as Thomas, and climbing out of his cot at about 2 years old. I couldn’t work out how he’d not fallen the first time. Hopefully Thomas settles soon into his.

    1. He’s been good with sleeping in his bed, but getting him to go to sleep has been a little more challenging at times 🙂

  6. That’s a big milestone for Thomas. I’m sure Little E’s bed was changed because she learned to climb! I’m sure we put a baby gate at her door to stop the wandering. I’m glad you feel like you are getting into a good routine. Sophie’s carnival train is amazing #WotW #365 x

    1. We had a gate on the bedroom door for the girls but haven’t felt the need for Thomas – he ends up in our room during the night anyway and it saves me having to go and get him.

    1. I do miss the afternoon nap – it was nice to have that bit of quiet time!

  7. I hope the transition to the toddler bed has gone well (ours didn’t! Zach kept getting out and stopped going to sleep on his own, which he still doesn’t do now!) Looks like the kids are enjoying their extra time together at home. #project365

    1. It’s been a bit hit and miss – Thomas has never been great at going to sleep on his own anyway but it has been a bit more effort getting him to settle. We’ll get there.

  8. Aww such a milestone now he’s in a toddler bed! Hope he’s enjoying his new bed.

    Those gingerbread biscuits look great!

    Glad that you are managing to juggle the home schooling! We have managed to get into a good routine this time.

    1. He is enjoying being in a bed, although it’s a challenge at the moment getting him to settle down at bedtime! Getting into a good routine does help a lot with the school work.

  9. Both my boys climbed out of their cots Charlie a lot earlier than Harry. I do think it may be more of a boy thing. Hope he gets into a routine it is tough we still have issues now. Love the idea of a carnival train their imagination always completely surprises me. Love the photo of the three of them x

    1. Thanks Clare. He is getting better at settling down at night now so we’re getting there.

  10. It is such a big milestone. Cot to
    Toddler bed! Hope he stays in there
    That carnival train is so much fun!

  11. Oh, the toddler bed transition is a big step, I agree. I remember when mine two were able to climb out of the cots, gosh, that was a scare.
    Love the photoshopped image, such a lovely idea! The carnival train is wonderful too. As for those gingerbread biscuits, they look delicious!

    1. It was a bit of a surprise! Thankfully he’s now settling into his bed a little better.

  12. Quick thinking with transforming the cot to a bed, but I can imagine you weren’t quite ready for Thomas to be able to climb out of his cot. Your photoshop skills are really good with Jessica

    1. Thank you, I really wasn’t quite ready for that particular milestone! I do love how Photoshop gives me the ability to create photos with all three of my children in.

  13. Hope the novelty of the game wears off and he settles into his new bed. I remember those days haha. Those biscuits look gorgeous! What a lovely treat. That balancing game looks quite tricky but fun, what is it called?

    1. Thank you, Thomas is starting to settle more now into his bed. The balancing game is called Tower Collapse. It’s a fun one – Sophie really enjoyed it.

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