The Friday Focus 14/10/16 – Study mode

I’ve been in study mode this week.  My HR course is coming to an end with the last workshop coming up this weekend and the final assignment due in shortly afterwards so this week has been all about focusing on studying and preparing for that.  This last assignment is taking me quite some way out of my comfort zone and I’m feeling quite nervous about the workshop but hopefully all the hard work of planning and preparation will help it go well!

Study - this week's word of the week

Hubby has been away once again but got back last night – just in time to look over my notes and give me some much-needed advice.  Fingers crossed that it will all go smoothly at the weekend!


Things I have loved this week:

  • Treating myself to new slippers – so comfy and cosy!

Jessica and Sophie playing Little Big Planet 3

  • Going to a friend’s ‘at home’ to celebrate her big birthday.
  • Watching Jessica being enrolled into Girls’ Brigade at the church parade service.

Jessica at church in her Girls' Brigade uniform after being enrolled

  • Watching Sophie having fun with her new “bicycle” (a Toddlebike2 – look out for a review and giveaway on the blog next week!)

Sophie riding the Toddlebike2 at the park

  • Starting rehearsals for the church concert.
  • Early morning snuggles with my girls and having lots of room to snuggle in bed together thanks to hubby being away!
  • Seeing all the pretty colours of the autumn leaves.

A pretty red maple leaf lying on the ground

  • Taking time out of my studies and enjoying trips to the park and going for walks in the autumn sunshine with Sophie.


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22 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 14/10/16 – Study mode

  1. Sounds like a lovely week Louise! Good luck with your course – you will be great I am sure. You have put in all of the hard work. You must have been so proud of Jessica enrolling at GB too! I am off to purchase some warmer slippers today too! X

    1. Thanks Rebecca – thankfully the workshop went well and just the final assignment to finish and I’m done! Hope you managed to find some new slippers 🙂

  2. Best of luck with the workshop, sounds like you have been studying hard so I’m sure you will be fine. That leaf looks amazing I love the colours this time of year. #WotW

    1. Thanks Angela – was quite relieved that it all went well in the end. I love autumn colours too! 🙂

  3. Sounds like a pretty nice week to me, I love the new toddle bike and Jessica looks lovely in her girls brigade outfit.

  4. Good luck with the studying but you always sound so organised so I bet you will be great! The autumn weather is lovely and I’m enjoying some walks with Piglet. Bet the snuggles lovely but you be glad to get hubby back! xx #wotw

    1. Thanks Sarah – was so relieved that all went well with the workshop. Glad you are enjoying some autumn walks with Piglet x

  5. I love the colours of this time of year, our leaves are yet to properly turn.
    Best of luck with the studying; it seems like you’ve put so much hard work into it I’m sure you’ll be just great! Oh yes to warmer slippers, the air is certainly turning chillier!
    Have a lovely weekend

    1. Thanks Tracey – thankfully all went well with the workshop. I’m seeing more colours from the leaves this week – hopefully you are too! x

  6. I do hope it goes well this weekend, I’m sure you’ll be brilliant and pass it with flying colours. I adore new slippers – it’s the little things in life, isn’t it?! Love the photo of Jessica being enrolled, bless her x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thanks Jocelyn – the workshop went well thankfully – just the final assignment left to finish now. Can’t believe I’m so near the end! 🙂

  7. Oh you’re doing so well to manage a course as well as blogging and coping with two smalls with your hubby away. We also have a new toddlebike in our house, aren’t they fab?

    1. Thanks Nat – it’s certainly been a lot of juggling! We’re loving the Toddlebike – hope your daughters are too! 🙂

    1. Thanks Sara – so relieved that all went well with the workshop, just got my final assignment left to do now x

  8. I am loving the colours of Autumn they are so pretty, my friends little boy had one of those bikes it was so fab and really helped him master balance, have a fab week x

    1. Thanks Sarah – I love autumn colours too. Glad that your friend’s little boy enjoyed his bike – it’s been a big hit here! 🙂

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