Friday Focus 14/07/2023 – Rollercoaster

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I think I’ve gone through almost the whole range of emotions at various points this week, sometimes within the space of a few hours.


The world rollercoaster with a doodle of a rollercoaster car going up and down over the word


We’ve had the excitement of Nanny coming to stay for the weekend and the joy of seeing my family when we went to pick Nanny up. There’s been the fun of having a night out with my husband to go to a Beatles-themed fancy-dress party. We’ve had three trips to the dentist this week – one for a routine check-up for the children and two for me for some dental treatment that I was quite anxious about. Thankfully I found that listening to a guided meditation and an audiobook was a great way to help me relax once in the dentist’s chair.


Sophie performing in her Girls’ Brigade display made me proud – as did her school report which was excellent. Thomas’s school report was rather generic and told me next to nothing which was disappointing. We did get an SEN update though which was quite eye-opening and are now in the process of pursuing an autism assessment for him. I’ve got a lot of mixed feelings around things at school with Thomas at the moment. Reception year has been quite challenging in many ways.


I’ve been stressed and overwhelmed by my workload and trying to get things done before the school holidays. There’s been too much in my head this week which meant that one important thing – Thomas’s end of year concert – got forgotten about. He was so upset that Mummy wasn’t there and I felt awful for letting him down with no good reason to have done so. So that’s added a hefty dose of mummy-guilt into the mix.


There’s also been sadness this week as my uncle and one of my mum’s close friends both died over the weekend. The end of the school year and seeing Jessica’s classmates preparing to move up to secondary school comes with sadness too and the ever-present ache of missing Jessica. I did have a lovely surprise yesterday though when her classmates presented me with a beautiful card and a leaver’s hoody for Jessica. It meant so much that Jessica was remembered and to have her included in their leaver’s celebrations in this way.


So all in all, a very mixed week for me – there have been some lovely moments but quite a lot of not-so-lovely ones too!


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie at her Girls' Brigade display; my husband dressed as a walrus and me dressed as a helter-skelter; my mum and Thomas at the table playing with Numberblobs counters; me and my mum; Thomas and Sophie with cushions on their heads; a bouquet of flowers; a leaver's hoody with "Jessica. 23. Leavers" on the back and a card with a photo of Jessica and the words "Remembering our friend Jessica" - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 28"



  • Day 188 – I am grateful for a lovely evening watching the Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade annual display.


  • Day 189 – I am grateful for a fun evening at a Beatles-themed costume party.


  • Day 190 – I am grateful for all the fun that Sophie and Thomas have had with Nanny this weekend.


  • Day 191 – I am grateful for my lovely mum.


  • Day 192 – I am grateful for giggles.


  • Day 193 – I am grateful for beautiful flowers as a belated anniversary gift from my husband.


  • Day 194 – I am grateful that Jessica is still remembered by her classmates who surprised me today with this lovely card and leaver’s hoody for Jessica. Means so much that she is still thought about.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Watching Nanny playing with Thomas at the park.


My mum pushing Thomas on a swing at the park


  • Winning second place for my costume at the fancy-dress party.


Me in my helter-skelter costume with a trophy and certificate for 2nd place


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18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 14/07/2023 – Rollercoaster

  1. Hooray for Nanny coming to stay. I am glad you have had some fun, I love the Beatles-themed costumes.
    Well done to Sophie with Girls Brigade and at school. That is a shame that Thomas’s report was just a generic one. Good luck with the autism assessment.
    So sorry about your uncle and your mums friend. The leavers hoodie for Jessica made me well up, what a thoughtful, sweet thing for her classmates to do.

    1. Thank you. It was such a lovely surprise to be given the hoody for Jessica. So lovely that she was remembered and included.

  2. Quite a week for you. The leavers hoodie made my eyes a little damp, such a lovely gesture. Best of luck with the Autism Assessment, I’ve had the “Oh he’s lovely” reports and no they don’t help one bit. Love your costume! Mum’s are fabulous aren’t they 🙂

  3. What a week! I didn’t know that you might have SEN issues with Thomas. We have been going through it with our little lady at the moment and it is all very up in the air. I hope you get answers/support. Sorry you missed his concert but this time of the year is so busy with so much going on. I must admit I did get very emotional when I saw Jessica’s hoodie on FB #WotW

    1. Good luck with things for your little lady. It’s been a challenging year for Thomas but it does feel like things are improving on the support front.

  4. How lovely that Jessica’s friends still love her so much and include her in their events. Sorry to hear that you have had such a range of lows this week but I hope the highs outweighed them overall. #project365

    1. Thank you – it meant so much that Jessica was remembered and included. It was an emotional week but I think the highs did outweigh the lows overall.

  5. No wonder you have mum guilt with forgetting Thomas end of year play, you’ve had so much going on. Well done with the fancy dress costume. How lovely for Jessica’s school to include her with the leavers hoodie

    1. There was definitely too much in my head at the end of term! It was so lovely that Jessica’s school included her.

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