Friday Focus 14/01/22 – Activities

This week seems to have been mostly spent either doing various activities or travelling to and from them! Sophie and Thomas are now back to all their usual activities and have been enjoying them this week. I’ve also managed to get out for my own activity this week, going to the launch evening for a music hall show that the am-dram group I did The Sound of Music with are planning on performing in the spring. It was so lovely to be back in the rehearsal hall again. I think I’m going to audition to do the show – it will be nice to hopefully be back on stage again.


The word 'activities' in blue



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas wearing winter clothes and standing in a field; Thomas with a very muddy coat, jumping in a puddle; me dressed as a king at church; sheet music with a pianist in the background; Thomas arranging mini chocolate fingers on his high chair tray at the church cafe; two Twix winter spice bars; a giggly Thomas eating a gingerbread man outside TinyTalk - "#365dasofgratitude 2022 - Week 2"


  • Day 7 – I am grateful for warm and waterproof winter clothes.


  • Day 8 – I am grateful for my washing machine!


  • Day 9 – I am grateful for being able to share one of my favourite stories, The Fourth King, in a fun way at our parade service this morning.


  • Day 10 – I am grateful for an evening spent singing music hall songs and contemplating the possibility of getting to perform on stage again in the not-too-distant future…


  • Day 11 – I am grateful for a more leisurely day than originally planned.


  • Day 12 – I am grateful for reduced festive-themed chocolate. These were 8p each in the local Co-op.


  • Day 13 – I am grateful for Thomas’s gorgeous little giggle. Not sure why eating a gingerbread man outside TinyTalk this morning was the funniest thing ever but that little laugh was just so beautiful to hear



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Having a pillow fight.


  • Watching Thomas having fun at the park.


Thomas playing on a mini climbing frame at the park


  • Sophie being asked to help out with the baby ballet class.


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10 thoughts on “Friday Focus 14/01/22 – Activities

  1. It’s nice when you can get back to normal activities and you can’t beat little giggles. I didn’t get to try those festive Twix bars so I’m a bit jealous.

    1. I hadn’t tried them either until I spotted them in the reduced section and then I couldn’t resist!

  2. It sounds like a really busy week but a fun one. Good luck with the audition. Fab photos! I looked for those Winter Spice Twix’s everywhere but couldn’t find them. I will have to check our Co-Op. x

    1. Thanks Kim. I hadn’t noticed them before until I spotted them in the reduced section. Hope you manage to find some.

  3. Love bargain chocolate, although I have to walk past at the moment. The OH and N take so long to eat chocolate and biscuits, I don’t bother if I’m off chocolate. Love laughing photo of Thomas. Must be so nice to be back singing. I’ve not gone back to dancing yet – too many people getting too close and hot and sweaty for my liking at the moment.

  4. Good luck with the audition! I haven’t seen those festive Twix, how did I miss them?! Always nice to find a treat at a bargain price. Thomas looks so cute, laughing. And how lovely to be singing in public again!

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