Friday Focus 13/12/19 – Holding on to hope

I’m not sure what result we’ll be waking up to when this post goes live. What I do know is that there seems to be real fear on both sides of the political divide for whatever the election will bring. It’s both worrying and depressing that there is so much fear surrounding British politics at the moment. My reaction to this kinds of situations where the future feels scary and uncertain remains the same: to hold my children a little tighter, and cling to the hope that whatever the result, it won’t be as bad as those on the opposing side tell us it will be. That somehow it will all work out.


The word 'hope' in rainbow colours


I’m reminding myself once more that I am just one small person. I have a vote and a voice, and even though it is a very small voice, it is important that I use it. I cannot change the world, but I can try and make my own little corner of it a better place. And no matter what the result, there are Christmas presents to be wrapped, decorations still to go up (we really must get around to putting the tree up in the next few days!) and preparations for the festive season still to be done. And so far, I’m managing not to get myself too stressed out about Christmas. I’ve been up and down, missing Jessica, but just letting the waves of grief take me where they will and allowing myself to feel what I need to feel. Taking the festive season one moment at a time.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Going to the Christmas tree festival with Sophie’s school.


The GreenAcres Christmas tree at the Christmas tree festival with my heart bauble with "In loving memory of Jessica" written on it


  • Doing the flower arrangement for church.


My flower arrangement at church with lilies, white and red roses, holly and fir



Me, hubby, Sophie and Thomas at the Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh exhibition



Two snowmen made from white paper covered toilet roll tubes with pipe cleaner and pompom scarves and earmuffs


  • Getting creative and making some personalised Christmas presents.



Hubby, Sophie and Thomas at the front of the narrowboat as it exits the lock


  • Being told by hubby that he isn’t going away on a work trip next week after all – yay!


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas having fun doing dance club at Halo.


Sophie holding Thomas's hands and dancing with him at Halo dance club


  • Going out on my own for two Christmas meals in two days.


  • Watching Sophie in her Christmas concert at school.


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12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 13/12/19 – Holding on to hope

  1. Ah yes. Now the results are in, I hope the country can work together. It feels so divided. Opinions expressed in a such harsh words and no reference to facts, in some cases. Hope is our way forward. We haven’t put our tree and decorations up yet either. Your week sounds good. Seeing Santa on a narrowboat is one we’ve not done and I thought we’d crossed off most venues! How lovely that your hubby is going to be home. Must feel like a bonus. Love the snowmen. #wotw

    1. Thanks Cheryl. Hopefully we can work together and move forward – there really has been so much division and hurt over the last few years. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t got around to putting the tree up yet!

  2. I am holding on to hope for our election next year in the US too. It sometimes seems as though the whole world has gone crazy and dark.

    I love those toilet roll snowmen. I am going to try that with my grandsons. Thank you!

    1. I’ll be holding on to hope for you all too. The toilet roll snowmen were fun to make – hope your grandsons enjoy making them 🙂

  3. Louise,

    You’re right, there is a lot of fear in British politics — and today, now we know the result of the General Election, a lot of shock and dismay. People are having to accept that they’ve been living in an echo-chamber.

    We shouldn’t take politicians or political parties at their own valuation, and we shouldn’t take them at the valuation of their opponents. Most politicians are mediocrities who achieve little, and after they leave office they are soon forgotten — while we get on with our lives.

    Should we be pessimistic? Definitely not. Should we indulge in blind optimism (“Things will turn out all right in the end.”)? That could be a dangerous illusion. Instead, we should be hopeful and resilient.

    On a lighter note, those trousers that Thomas is wearing at Halo are splendid!

    1. Thank you. The result really does make you aware of just how much an echo chamber social media can be. Being hopeful and resilient is a good philosophy.

  4. Hope is a really good work for this week. I was criticised for showing it on my Facebook this morning, but when hope is all you have you shouldn’t bat it away. I love your flower arrangement pretty and I love the photo of Sophie and Thomas dancing. We saw Santa on a barge with my older kids when they were little. But, two Christmas Dinners! I’m so jealous 🙂 xx

    1. I’m sorry you were on the receiving end of criticism. Hope is such an important thing to have especially during such uncertain times x

  5. I am not going to risk saying anything about politics. I am shocked and not happy at the result but it’s done now.
    I am so glad you are not letting yourself get to stressed about Christmas.
    Those flowers are beautiful. A job well done x

  6. sounds like a lot of nice positives this week, love the toilet roll snowmen.
    I am rather despairing at the thought of the next 5 years under Boris especially when he links up with Trump.
    Only consolation I have is being north of the border I am hoping the SNP can protect our NHS.
    The narrow boat trip sounds like different fun.

    1. Thanks Elaine. I hope that the SNP manages to protect your NHS and that somehow ours will also get through the next five years.

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