Toilet roll snowmen – a simple winter craft

We were inspired to make these cute little toilet roll snowmen after spotting some similar ones at the local Christmas tree festival. They’re very simple to make and would be a good craft activity for preschool-age children or above. My 6-year-old was able to make hers by herself, but younger children may need a little help here and there.


Two snowmen made from white paper covered toilet roll tubes with pipe cleaner and pompom scarves and earmuffs - "Toilet roll snowmen - a simple winter craft"


You will need:

  • A toilet roll tube
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • 3 pompoms – 1 small orange pompom and 2 slightly bigger pompoms in another colour
  • 2 pipe cleaners – 1 short pipe cleaner the same colour as the 2 pompoms and 1 long pipe cleaner in any colour
  • Black marker pen
  • Sticky tape (optional)


Sophie sitting at the table with a toilet roll tube, a sheet of white paper, a glue stick and some colourful pipe cleaners and pompoms



1) Spread glue all over the toilet roll tube using the glue stick and wrap white paper around the tube to cover, gluing the edge down. Trim the excess paper off with scissors.


Sophie with a toilet roll tube covered in white paper


2) Wrap the long pipe cleaner around the middle of the white tube and twist in front to fasten to make the snowman’s scarf.


Sophie wrapping a blue pipe cleaner around the white-paper-covered toilet roll tube


3) Glue the orange pompom in the middle of the top half of the white tube. This will be the snowman’s nose.


Sophie with the white paper covered toilet roll tube with a blue pipe cleaner wrapped around it and an orange pompom stuck to the top half


4) Stick one end of the short pipe cleaner to the top edge of the white tube. Bend the pipe cleaner across the top of the white tube and stick the other side down. You may need to use a small piece of sticky tape to help secure the ends of the pipe cleaner.


5) Glue a coloured pompom to each side to cover the edges of the short pipe cleaner and finish off the snowman’s earmuffs.


The white-paper-covered toilet roll tube with red pompom and pipe cleaner earmuffs, a blue pipe cleaner scarf and an orange pompom for the nose


6) Add the snowman’s eyes, mouth and buttons using a black marker pen.


Sophie with the finished snowmen made from white paper covered toilet roll tubes with pipe cleaner and pompom scarves and earmuffs


You could also use felt to make the snowman’s scarf, a foam triangle for the snowman’s nose, or add pipe cleaner arms. Perhaps you could also make a snowy scene by sticking a couple of snowmen to a piece of card with cotton wool around them for snow.


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4 thoughts on “Toilet roll snowmen – a simple winter craft

  1. I love these! Sometimes the simplist ideas make the best crafts for kids. Thanks for linking up with #KidsandKreativity, hope to see you back next time x

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