Friday Focus 12/11/21 – Enjoyable

We’ve had lots of little enjoyable moments this week. Little moments of quality time together, making the most of the opportunities to do things together. Simple things like flying kites, going to the park, or snuggling together on the sofa reading stories.


The word 'enjoyable' in gold


With my husband having been away for most of the week, I’ve also been making the most of the moments of me-time. I had a lovely moment midweek at Jessica’s forever bed when a deer came up while I was sitting on the bench nearby. It clearly found Jessica’s roses enjoyable as it munched most of them. I could almost hear Jessica’s laughter as I watched it. She would have enjoyed watching it eat the flowers too! It really wasn’t bothered by me being so close by – even when I got up and moved nearer, it didn’t run away, just ambled off through the trees. Such a beautiful moment.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie and her friend toasting marshmallows over a fire pit; Sophie and Thomas flying a kite at the park; me and Sophie doing a reading at church; Thomas on the trampoline at the park; a deer eating the flowers at Jessica's forever bed; Thomas doing a jigsaw at the table; Sophie and Thomas snuggling together in my bed - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 45"


  • Day 309 – I am grateful for a fun evening at the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades firework display.


  • Day 310 – I am grateful for a kite and a windy day.


  • Day 311 – I am grateful that Sophie was doing the readings with me at this morning’s service (and that streaming the service meant I could get a snapshot of it for today’s gratitude photo!)


  • Day 312 – I am grateful for the pure joy of a little boy jumping on a trampoline at the park.


  • Day 313 – I am grateful for the entertaining company at Jessica’s forever bed this morning. I can just imagine Jessica’s gorgeous giggle watching the deer eat her flowers. She would have loved seeing it.


  • Day 314 – I am grateful for the joy of rediscovering toys and puzzles that haven’t been played with for a while.


  • Day 315 – I am grateful for morning snuggles and the love that these two have for each other.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Making pizzas with Sophie and Thomas.


Sophie and Thomas with pizza bases covered in tomato puree, choosing toppings from a selection in bowls on the table


  • Thomas bringing home his first piece of artwork from preschool.


Thomas's first painting from preschool


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20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 12/11/21 – Enjoyable

  1. How lovely! It sounds like a wonderful week. Aww! The deer paying a visit was a sweet moment. I love all of your photos. They really made me smile. x

  2. Aww the deer paying a visit is lovely.

    The trampoline photo is fun!

    Sounds like a good week.

  3. I hope you frame the artwork, it looks great. How lovely to see the deer keeping a watch out for Jessica. Love the photo of Thomas on the trampoline and how grown up does Sophie look, helping you in church, you must be so proud.

    1. Not framed it but it is up on display. It’s lovely that Sophie is now old enough to be able to do readings with me at church

  4. So pleased you have had an enjoyable week! I love the pizza making, always enjoy doing that too. Wonderful pics, so much quality family time together and nice to spot a deer too! What lovely art work Thomas, well done!

  5. What a lovely moment at Jessica’s forever bed. Sounds like a lovely week. It is those little things that are so important. Loving Thomas’s picture its so nice when they start to being things home.

  6. What a precious beautiful moment at Jessica’s place. My eyes all welled up, when you say it would have made Jessica laugh.
    Little me-time breaks are so important for our well-being. Glad to hear you had some time to yourself.
    Thomas’s picture from preschool is jolly and colourful. Lovely to see how your kids make their own pizzas.

    1. It was such a special moment with the deer. Was nice to have a little time for myself too.

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