Friday Focus 12/10/18 – Sniffles and snuffles

Thomas has been a bit snuffly over the last few days. Hubby had a cold at the start of the week and seems to have shared it. Sophie and I have avoided it so far but it’s made Thomas a little more unsettled, particularly in the evenings. Thankfully hubby has been in the office this week and home for bedtime a few times. Having hubby around for bedtime is a fairly infrequent occurrence so I’ve been enjoying it while it lasts! He’s also been around in the mornings to help with the school run which has made things a little easier this week.


Snuffly - this week's word of the week


We had a bit of a scary moment on Saturday evening with Thomas. He’d been a bit unsettled so we gave him some Calpol. Unfortunately he inhaled the last few drops instead of swallowing them. He was only coughing and spluttering for a few seconds but it brought back some rather traumatic memories for us. I’ve been a bit scared about giving him Calpol since – thankfully he hasn’t needed it!


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Watching Sophie having a wonderful time at her friend’s birthday party.


  • Hubby taking the children downstairs on Sunday morning so I could sleep in.


  • Thomas jumping up two centile lines at this week’s weigh-in. He is now on the 9th centile having been following the 1st up until now.


A smiley Thomas next to the Jessica cushion


  • Thomas breaking off mid-feed to give me the most gorgeous smile.


  • Hubby buying me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I shared them with Jessica when I went to GreenAcres this week.


A beautiful bouquet of flowers



  • Sophie bringing home her first reading book.


Sophie with her first reading book


  • Being sent a beautiful drawing of my girls by a friend.


A drawing of my girls hugging each other


The Reading Residence

16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 12/10/18 – Sniffles and snuffles

  1. Sorry to hear you have all been under the weather this week, it sounds like having hubby home has helped a lot. Poor Thomas, I’m not surprised it gave you a fright. That drawing is stunning, what a lovely thing to be sent. Hope you all feel better over the weekend x

  2. Poor Thomas, I hope his snuffles go away quickly. How adorable is that smile, he’s such a cutie. What a beautiful drawing, your friend is very talented, I remember the photo which was also taken by one of your talented friends. x

    1. The photo is one of my favourites and it was such a lovely surprise to receive the drawing of it x

  3. What a fright and no wonder it made you anxious. Lovely that you had so many wonderful events happen too, to counterbalance it. The picture is perfect. The flowers and the smile are the icing on the cake. Hope the boys get over their colds soon and don’t pass them on. #wotw

    1. Thank you Cheryl – yes thankfully the happy moments have helped outweigh the anxious ones x

  4. I love that picture, it is beautiful. And how exciting to be getting the first reading book, good old Sid! I hope Thomas is over his snuffles soon and that you and Sophie manage to avoid a cold x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. Oh no! I hope your hubby and Thomas feel better soon. What a worry for you with the Calpol. I am sure it was just a one off. It’s good that he has been home for bedtimes. It must be nice to have a little help and the lie in must have been wonderful.
    Thomas really seems to have grown. He’s adorable. Aww! Just look at Sophie. That smile. She looks so proud of her book. x

    1. Thank you – yes hopefully it won’t happen again! Thomas really does seem to have had a growth spurt this week and Sophie was so proud coming home with a book x

  6. What a gorgeous smile on that picture! Sorry that you have had some illness in your home too this week. I hope that everyone is feeling better soon!#WOTW

  7. Oh I’m sorry to hear you’ve had the cold going round your house too. It’s bad enough when you’re old enough to complain and do something about it but it must be rotten for Thomas. I hope he’s feeling better soon! #WotW

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