Friday Focus 12/05/2023 – Celebrations

It’s been a week of celebrations with the King’s Coronation and lots of local events taking place over the bank holiday weekend, followed by my birthday. We started off with Thomas’s school coronation celebrations where he went to school dressed as a prince and parents were invited to come along in the afternoon to listen to the children sing in their coronation concert and then enjoy a family picnic on the school field.


The word 'celebrations' in red, white and blue with a doodle of a crown on the 'c', a cake above the 'ra' and balloons over the 'n'


We enjoyed watching the Coronation on TV on Saturday before heading off for my twin sister’s surprise birthday party. It was so lovely to spend an evening with my family before heading back to join in various other coronation events.


I had a nice day for myself on my birthday, ignoring the to-do list and enjoying some much needed me-time, before heading out for a Chinese meal in the evening. I also got to enjoy a rare date night with hubby at the theatre watching a local am-dram group performing ‘Company’.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas dressed as a prince; me and my twin sister; Sophie decorating her Coronation themed cake; Thomas asleep in the prayer corner at church; bluebells at Jessica's forever bed; me and hubby out on a date night; Popsy clothes and bags - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 19"


  • Day 125 – I am grateful that the rain held off for Thomas’s school’s coronation celebration.


  • Day 126 – I am grateful for celebrating with my twinny at her surprise birthday party.


  • Day 127 – I am grateful for some Coronation-themed baking with Sophie.


  • Day 128 – I am grateful to be home with my feet up after a busy day to end the Coronation weekend, juggling helping out at church for the Big Help Out and being at the community Coronation celebrations where Sophie was dancing. It was all a bit too much for my little man but a nap in the prayer corner helped!


  • Day 129 – I am grateful for all the birthday wishes and lovely cards and gifts. I’ve had a nice, (mostly) relaxed day. Seeing these beautiful bluebells appearing for the first time at Jessica’s forever bed felt like a little birthday gift from her.


  • Day 130 – I am grateful for a date night with my hubby.


  • Day 131 – I am grateful for my lovely Popsy birthday presents.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Watching Sophie doing her tap and modern solos on stage at a coronation event.


Sophie doing her tap solo at the Coronation community event


  • Being surprised with a birthday cake at the church volunteering day.


  • Sophie having a playdate with a friend and having her face painted.


Sophie with her face painted as a butterfly


  • A rare morning working in the office rather than working from home.


  • Catching up with am-dram friends.


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15 thoughts on “Friday Focus 12/05/2023 – Celebrations

  1. What a great week of celebrations! Happy belated birthday to you, it sounds like you had a lovely day. It sounds like could do with the weekend to have a rest from all the celebrating. hehehe x

    1. Thank you Kim. It would be nice to have a rest over the weekend but it’s a festival weekend for Sophie so we’ve had an early start today. Maybe next week will be more relaxing! x

  2. A belated Happy Birthday to you! Some very lovely celebrations taking place over the week. I’m with Thomas, a quiet nap in a corner is always a good thing if you can get it!

    1. Thank you Karen – I agree a quiet nap is a good thing too! One of the advantages of being little.

  3. happy belated birthday to you, but I’m intrigued to know how a surprise party for your twin didn’t involve a surprise for you? Love the face painting and well done to Sophie with her solo performance, she looks fab

    1. Thank you, we did. It wasn’t too hard keeping it a surprise – it helps we live in different places so there wasn’t too much opportunity to let slip.

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