Friday Focus 11/10/19 – Cloudy with moments of sunshine

My mood seems to be matching the weather again this week, with life feeling quite grey and cloudy. Thomas was unwell over the weekend and although he was much better by Monday, he’s still not quite back to his usual happy self. I think he’s also teething at the moment which doesn’t help. He has two new teeth which have just started to come through at the top, and I think there are some bottom teeth trying to make their way through too. Poor little mite.


The word 'cloudy' in a grey cloud


Hubby and I have also been a bit under the weather this week too. Sophie seems to be okay at the moment though – fingers crossed that it stays that way!


The storm clouds of grief have been gathering once more. We’re coming up to the 18-month mark of life without Jessica. Having to live life without Jessica is always hard – on some days it is a little easier to take a deep breath and just keep going, whereas on others that ever-present ache of longing is overwhelming. The pain of loss has been quite raw this week. We just miss her so very much.


In amongst the clouds though, there are still moments of sunshine. Show rehearsals always help make me feel better. It’s been so good for me to rediscover that love of singing and performing, and to be able to share that with Sophie makes it better still. Not long to go now until show week!


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Going on a treasure trail with hubby, Sophie and Thomas.


Sophie ticking off a clue on her treasure trail sheet


  • Watching Sophie dancing with Thomas while watching Strictly.


  • Singing at the Duck Pond market to help promote The Sound of Music.


Me and Sophie in front of the banner for The Sound of Music


  • Doing the first full run of the show.


  • Watching Thomas and Sophie playing in the garden together.


Sophie pushing Thomas in a Little Tikes car in the garden


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5 thoughts on “Friday Focus 11/10/19 – Cloudy with moments of sunshine

  1. Oh that is such a lovely photo of you and Sophie! It’s wonderful that you have something you’re enjoying so much, despite the cold filled house. I hope you’re all feeling back to normal soon 🙂 #wotw

  2. I agree the photos are great, especially the two playing in the garden. It must be so tough for you but I do believe this recording of the positives in your lives is so important. #WotW

  3. Louise your strength amazes me, I cannot even begin to imagine how you cope without your precious little girl. I will always remember Jessica as part of your family. As always your positive thoughts shine through those dark clouds. I’m so glad you have your musical to focus on. It’s a shame Thomas is miserable with his teeth, but it won’t last long I’m sure. It looks like Sophie adores her little brother xx

  4. This kind of weather never helps anyone. I can totally see how singing practise lifts you and I bet it works for Sophie too. Music seems to feature a lot in your week. Poor Thomas. It can be horrible at the teething stage. He has got Sophie well trained on pushing the toy car. Hope you all feel better soon (and Sophie dodges the lurgy) and have a good and restful weekend. #wotw

  5. Oh no! I hope you all feel better soon! I am feeling pretty rubbish too. I’m full of cold. Ugh!
    I am glad the rehearsals for the show are keeping your spirits up.

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