Friday Focus 10/02/17 – a whole lot of baking goin’ on

I’ve been busy baking this week, with a little help from Sophie. Last Saturday we had a coffee morning at church to raise money for Little Hearts Matter. I always bake cheese scones for the coffee morning as I know they are popular. I should have baked a few more this time as they were all gone by the middle of the morning! Hubby was quite disappointed that there weren’t any left to take home for lunch!

A doodle of the word Baking - this week's word of the week

Cake always features on the menu at our Tuesday morning toddler group. This week I’d offered to bring in some banana bread and I’d also made a batch of flapjacks to take along too. As it turned out, there was plenty of cake as a couple of the other mums also brought some with them too.


Jessica has been very keen to make cakes for all her friends. I’ve promised her that we’ll do some baking together at the weekend so she can take cupcakes to church parade on Sunday for all her Girls’ Brigade friends.

Sophie rolling out the scones whilst wearing her chef's hat

Things I have loved this week:

  • Jessica getting her silver reading raccoon certificate for having reading 50 books.

Jessica with her silver reading raccoon certificate

  • The opportunity to get completely lost in a book for a couple of hours.
  • Finding a leaf skeleton while doing some weeding in the garden.

Jessica looking at a leaf skeleton

  • Having extra space in the bed with hubby being away again. Needless to say, the girls took full advantage of this too! It was nice to have the snuggles without feeling quite so squashed though!
  • Doing the school run and hearing Sophie’s name being called by one of the little girls who goes to her preschool and who seemed so excited to see her. It’s so nice to see little friendships starting up.


The Reading Residence


16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 10/02/17 – a whole lot of baking goin’ on

  1. Ooh I love cheese scones too! It sounds like you’ve had an exciting week, well done for seeing the positives of your hubby being away, it’s a tough time when you’re on your own with two littles.

    1. Thank you Nat – it is tough when hubby is away but focusing on the positives helps makes it a little easier x

  2. I love baking, it sounds like you have been really busy, and how kind to share all your wares. Congratulations to Jessica for her certificate. xx

    1. Thanks Anne – we had lots of fun baking together. The cakes went down very well at church! 🙂

  3. Great word, it all sounds absolutely delicious! My kids like to get involved when I bake, too. Oh, and I love it when Little Man sees his friends from nursery on the school run, it is incredibly sweet x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. Ahh! We love baking but don’t do it often enough….It sounds like you have been baking a lot of yummy treats!
    Well done Jessica with her certificate x

  5. What a good idea baking and taking cheese scones. I usually end up doing the usual cup cakes. May change my tactic. You certainly have a sweet assistant baker. Well done Jessica on her fabulous reading. A real book worm. #wotw

    1. Thanks Cheryl. So lovely to see her enjoying reading. I’ve done cup cakes for coffee mornings too but the cheese scones seem to be more popular 🙂

  6. Ooh baking…how cute Jessica wanting to do some for her friends.Very kind. I bet you miss hubby but snuggles from the girls must help a little! 50 books to read is a fab achievement!! x #wotw

  7. Sounds like you are a great baker. Lots of lovely things have happened this week. Love the fact that little friendships are being made too. #WotW

    1. Thanks Helena. I do love baking – although tend to stick to a few well-known recipes! 🙂

  8. Parenting solo can be a real challenge but you’ve managed to turn it on its head and look at the positives. I think that’s the only way to be when you know hubby is going to be working away throughout the course of the year – although I do know it’s tough going at times as I’m often parenting alone, too!
    But what a lovely week and Jessica really looks the part baking. And well done her on her silver reading raccoon certificate – reading 50 books is a lot for a little person!
    Sorry for the late comments, my boy has chicken pox ;(

    1. It certainly is a challenge although looking for the positives does make it easier. Hope that Little Mister is starting to feel better x

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