Friday Focus 10/07/20 – Plodding along

It’s been one of those weeks when everything has just felt a bit tough and we’ve just been plodding through. I’m struggling with trying to get a decent amount of sleep which has made for low patience levels and a short fuse – not an ideal combination when dealing with toddler tantrums. There have been a lot of tears (from all of us – grief has been hitting hard again this week), lots of moments of getting frustrated (both me and Thomas!) and it’s not been the best of weeks. I suspect the weather hasn’t helped either. Never mind, just got to take a deep breath, try and get a few more early nights and fingers crossed next week will be a better one.


The word 'plodding' in red with red and yellow spotty boots as the 'dd' in the middle


Of course there have been good moments in amongst the tough ones and things to smile about. One of the things I love about putting together my weekly focus is that even if my overall mood when looking over the week is low, actively looking for the happy moments always helps me to feel better.


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Treating ourselves to a cake box and having afternoon tea in the garden.


Sophie and Thomas sitting at their table in the garden eating cakes


  • A walk around GreenAcres with Sophie and Thomas and being able to take a Pretty Jessica rose and a Sophy’s rose from the garden to Jessica.


Roses, sweetpeas and lilies in Jessica's vase next to her memorial at her forever bed


  • Watching Thomas getting engrossed in small world play.


  • Making a family tree picture with Sophie for her home-learning.


Sophie's family tree picture


  • A dragonfly appearing in the garden while I was hanging out my washing.


A dragonfly in my garden


  • Having a (home) ‘school trip’ to Chiltern Open Air Museum.


Sophie and Thomas outside a thatched cottage at Chiltern Open Air Museum


  • Having a lie-in and getting breakfast in bed (a very rare occurrence!).


  • Sitting and working in the garden and listening to the rain whilst staying dry underneath the event shelter.


  • Sophie getting a good school report (although it was very strange getting a report that only went up to mid-March!)


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12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 10/07/20 – Plodding along

  1. Nearly the end of term. I’m sure in the normal way, we’d all be saying how ready the children are for the break and how tired they are. We have a tutor meetings next week, so I suspect we’ll get some kind of report then, but you’re right, it’s strange only having it up to March. Your outside trips/time sound like your happy time. I love the open air museum. I’ve not been for years. Might I say, I think the cake box is a genius idea! Hope you have a good weekend.#wotw

    1. Outside time is definitely my happy time. I think tiredness is definitely a factor – we’re all ready for a bit of a break over the summer.

  2. Looking for the positives always makes a dull week look brighter doesn’t it. I love your family tree, cakes and flowers. Definitely positives 🙂 I hope you get some better sleep and that we all get more sunshine next week x

  3. Love the last photo of th two outside the museum! We’ve been plodding along too this past week. Ah well, here’s to brighter days ahead! #WotW

  4. Oh no! Sorry you have had a bit of a tough week. I think lack of sleep doesn’t help. I hope you get some soon.
    I am glad you’ve found reasons to smile. What a treat to get the cake box.
    The family tree is adorable and a great bit of learning. x

  5. Oh dear, no sleep is no fun, hopefully things will be better next week. The cake box is a brilliant idea! Love your photos as always 🙂

    1. Things are always harder when you’re sleep-deprived. This week has thankfully been a bit better on that front!

  6. I’m sorry you had a tough week, it can be tough to feel good when the weather and sleep is bad. Glad to see you managed to find so many positives, those cakes look delicious and the flowers you took for Jessica are beautiful! I hope this week is going well 🙂 #wotw

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